Where were our leftist riots?

Gosh, this has been a busy week of late nights and paperwork and search committees and trying to catch up with my backlog as the semester winds down to a close. And then I realized…I forgot something. Something something something I’d been planning to attend on Monday. D’oh!

I completely missed Dinesh D’Souza’s visit to our campus. I’d noted it, and there are great big posters everywhere of his gormless goony face, but still — on the appointed day and hour, I had so little interest in the event that I didn’t even remember it enough to tell myself I was too busy to waste an hour on it.

I wondered how it went, but when I asked around, no one else had attended either, or remembered that it was going to happen. We just didn’t care. I’m sure the UMM College Republicans were disappointed, too. Where was antifa? Where were the shrill mobs of feminists and progressives and radical leftist students and old hippies?

So I thought I’d look in on the UMM College Republican web page. Surely they’d have a report on the talk by their hero, brought in to antagonize a liberal campus. They’ve got nothin’. Well, not exactly nothing: they mention their victimhood at length (someone let the air out of one of their tires; probably a black op. One of their members found a used condom thrown at their door…which sounds like an icky college student prank, but you never know where the tentacles of George Soros will strike), and talk about the party they threw for the graduating president of the club, who was given a “Most Hated Person at UMM” award. I felt bad for them. I don’t even know who they are. If it would be validating, I might be willing to muster a vague feeling of pity, but sorry, not hating.

They had photos of the party. They are very sad.

So their big event of the semester with a nationally known speaker was kind of a pathetic bust. They’ve got like four people at their graduation party. I guess I am feeling that vague pity after all.

If I knew who they were, maybe I’d raise a fist and say “Comrade! Workers of the world, unite!” as I passed them in the hall, just so they’d feel like their life goals had meaning.

I guess this is the forlorn, empty fate of conservatives, eventually. I don’t think Trump has helped their brand.

Oh. I checked the facebook page for the event. Even sadder.


  1. says

    The problem is that “conservatives” don’t actually have any ideas. Uh, go back to the past, when we were happier. That’s transparent, isn’t it?

  2. cartomancer says

    Well it’s three more people than my graduation party had, but if you discount people with obnoxious political views then mine still comes out ahead…

  3. hemidactylus says

    Given the number and reach of Soros tentacles (I’ve seen Glenn Beck diagram his appendages with obsessive detail) I am disappointed with the number of condoms thrown. The Lizard Conspiracy is reaching a nadir too. Sad times.

  4. chigau (違う) says

    Is that a campus bar?
    No pool table?
    No foozball?
    No darts?
    No pub quiz?
    No Game on the TV?

  5. nomdeplume says

    PZ – are you sure the two in the chairs are real? I mean the look like inflatable conservative dolls brought in to make the crowd look bigger.

  6. marcoli says

    I understand there are merits in demonstration and de-platforming the Objectionable Ones. But I personally prefer this sort of ‘action’ since it is the worst possible scenario for them. If there is a sound system it would be a nice touch to pipe in the sounds of crickets chirping.

  7. blf says

    Is the picture in the OP really from the April-2018 Dinesh D’Souza event at UMM? I also just looked at the Farcebork page, and that very same picture is tied to a Dec-2017 blurb, A couple weeks ago when a Muslim speaker came to campus, two of our members were interviewed for a Katie Couric story on Islam for National Geographic!

    Ms Couric apparently does have a brand new National Geographic series, “America Inside Out”, which (amongst others) did talk to similar people, so the claim is plausible (Katie Couric on Her ‘Prescient’ New Docuseries ‘America Inside Out,’ Political Correctness and #MeToo). The photo in the OP could be an interview — two interviewees, an AV operator, and there an apparently interviewer mostly-hidden by the AV operator.

    I am not saying the UMM D’Souza event wasn’t a bust. What I am questioning is the implication the photo in the OP is a photo of the that event.

  8. says


    I wondered how it went, but when I asked around, no one else had attended either, or remembered that it was going to happen. We just didn’t care.

    Oh, ouch. Such indifference had to sting.

  9. DataWrangler says

    Caine reminds me of a saying: “The opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of love is indifference.”

  10. cartomancer says

    Herodotus reports that, when the Achemenid Persian Empire was encroaching on the Greek cities of Asia Minor, the kings of Sparta sent an embassy to the royal court at Persepolis to warn King Xerxes against further encroachment. Xerxes’ reaction, not unreasonably, was “who are the Spartans?”…