Shameless plug

If you need a laugh next week, and you live near Bellingham, there’s an opportunity:

By the time Wed., March 7 rolls around, you’ll have gone a few days without mirthful medicine, so make plans to attend the inaugural “Menace on the Mic” Standup Comedy Night night starting at 9pm at Menace Brewing, 2529 Meridian St. The 21-and-older event will feature a few of the aforementioned comedians and others, including Charlie Myers, Matt Benoit, Timmy Riney, James Miller, and Ryan Cuddihy. If you need a beer or three to help with your healing, drink up. More info:

That fellow with his name correctly spelled in there is my nephew, who has apparently decided that a career in academia, for instance, is too full of frustration, heartbreak, and struggle, and is taking the easy path of trying to make it in standup comedy. At least it’s a job with beer.


  1. says

    “At least it’s a job with beer”

    …and your’s isn’t??
    You’re at the wrong school!
    I once worked for a once-upon-a-time Catholic college, founded by and still with a small contingent of, nuns. Their meetings were rather more wine-heavy than beer, but…..

  2. says

    This is a dry campus — no alcohol at any of the meetings. We also don’t get to charge alcohol expenses to the university account when we’re entertaining visitors.

    Is it too late for me to take up a career as a standup comic?

    The job doesn’t require any talent, does it? Maybe I’m only qualified to be a conservative comic.

  3. punchykoos says

    As someone who lives just around the corner from Menace Brewing, I can highly recommend it. Really has a nice neighborhood brewery vibe to it, the beer is great, and the folks who run it are wonderful. If anyone is visiting Bellingham, for this show or otherwise, I would suggest stopping by Menace.

  4. johnmarley says

    The job doesn’t require any talent, does it?

    Clearly not; if it did, none of us would ever have heard of Dane Cook.