Do some faint wisps of shame still waft through the minds of Republicans?

Suddenly, Trey Gowdy has announced his imminent retirement. Seems like an awful lot of establishment Republicans are fleeing congress — perhaps they’ve seen the writing on the wall? Or, more likely, they’ve gotten a whiff of the money in lobbying and media?

ABC News is hiring corrupt failure and Trumpian butt-sniffer Chris Christie. If that blowhard can prosper in the media, anyone can.


  1. robro says

    Perhaps he’s preparing for his Supreme Court nomination…aaaaahhhhhh!!!

    You have to be a tad amused that he prefers our justice system over our political system. Being money to be made in that, I suppose.

  2. redwood says

    All these GOPhers retiring. There’s got to be an underlying reason for them to just walk away like that and I think I can nail it in two words: Russian money.

  3. monad says

    Fleeing is something you do from some unexpected disaster, taking what scraps you are able to salvage. This is cashing out.

  4. microraptor says

    cervantes @3:

    Yeah, you’d think that a company that was owned by Disney would have a better sense of how to conduct public relations.

  5. KG says


    Don’t they regard the social pressure that results in shame as a form of taxation, i.e. theft?