Hey, my old high school is in the news!

That’s rarely a good thing anymore, and it isn’t good news. Someone went into the girls’ restroom and scrawled hateful graffiti on the walls: swastikas, death threats against Muslims, and of course, the universal shorthand of American assholes everywhere, “MAGA”.

These people are effectively tarring their own slogans by association. I see “Make America Great Again” on a hat, and it’s as bad as if they have a swastika, a Confederate flag, or racial slur proudly displayed on their clothes.


  1. doubtthat says

    Last news I heard from my high school involved a group of students protesting the school’s decision to take everyone outside to watch the eclipse. Evidently, some number of them believed it was a demonic/satanic/irreligious event, and that they shouldn’t be exposed.

    Swastikas are worse.

  2. Doubting Thomas says

    My HS just changed the name from a notorious Confederate murderer and founder of the KKK. Of course when I went there it was all white, now it’s majority black.

  3. blf says

    I just poked about a bit to see if my old high school was in the news. Not really, something about winning some game, a few reunions, and a bomb threat. Eh? Not credible, apparently, the school wasn’t even evacuated.

  4. mykroft says

    While I have fond memories of my high school, things have gone downhill. The district recently had to settle a major harassment lawsuit, where some students had to deal with swastikas on lockers and bus rides with other students chanting about white power. While I was not entirely oblivious to the prejudices when I was there, at the time I didn’t pay much attention because it didn’t affect me (a cis-male white protestant). I’m a bit more aware now, but back then it wasn’t something that was discussed.

  5. Rich Woods says

    and of course, the universal shorthand of American assholes everywhere, “MAGA”.

    Now obviously that makes it a false-flag operation. Using actors. Lots and lots of actors. Transgender actors who should never have been allowed anywhere near the girls’ restroom in the first place.

  6. magistramarla says

    I checked on my high school, and what little news I could find shows that the school has gotten much less populated and much more boring. When I graduated, there were approximately 350 students in the graduating class. Today, the school lists only 530 students total and only 39 teachers.
    With the demise of most of the manufacturing jobs in the rust belt, the populations of the group of small towns surrounding that high school have shrunk. Most of the younger generations, beginning with mine, have moved on. It is rather sad to see.
    I also noted that there is only a 5% minority population in the high school, so I’m sure that things are much the same there today as they were when I was growing up. Think of it as a perpetual 1950s.

  7. a_ray_in_dilbert_space says

    PZ: “I see “Make America Great Again” on a hat, and it’s as bad as if they have a swastika, a Confederate flag, or racial slur proudly displayed on their clothes.”

    I’m afraid that all it takes to trigger me now is a red ball cap.

  8. whheydt says

    I have heard nothing about–or from–my high school since I left it over 50 years ago. I intend to keep it that way.

  9. frankb says

    My old high school is one that some of you may have heard about, a private Quaker boarding school called “Scattergood School”. I doubt that one would find any graffiti there, but it is always possible.

  10. Doubting Thomas says

    frankb, I bet there’s some in the boys room left there by an ancestor of mine.

  11. marner says

    These threats are even scarier when you consider that PZ’s Alma mater, Kent-Meridian HS, is just down the road from where a Sikh was shot last March after being told, “Go back to your own country”.

  12. frankb says

    Yeah, there might be something in odd corners of the boys’ dorm but it would likely be painted over within a year or so.

  13. Holms says

    I remember when I saw my old primary school in the news. At first I was excited, because I could see my favourite after school carer was in the news. That guy was great with kids – he let me borrow his Asterix books, and conversed with me almost daily! Then I saw that he was being arrested for posession of child pronography.


  14. mykroft says

    Perhaps I should admit that I have a “Make America Great Again” hat. It says so right in the front…. in Russian.