1. VolcanoMan says

    Nice! I’ve been following Tim’s work since April, when I discovered Bohemian Gravity (almost 4 years late, but who’s counting?). He’s got some really great songs. I highly recommend the Pluto Mars, and Entropic Time videos, the latter of which he had to learn how to sing backwards (like, inverted, since the entire video is shot normally and then reversed, demonstrating what the arrow of time would look like if time went backwards) and Bohemian Gravity (entirely about string theory) for physics/astronomy geeks, and CRISPR-Cas9 for the bio-geeks among us (all links below). His work is heavily physics-tilted though, I think because that’s his own field – he’s begun to broaden his horizons, but I’ve actually learned a lot from his songs (so maybe you SHOULD learn to sing, PZ, since it’s clearly an effective technique!).

    Bohemian Gravity:

    Pluto Mars:

    Entropic Time: