Why I love Seattle, part eleventy-million

Alex Jones visited downtown Seattle to record himself ranting on street corners about immigrants and evil antifa, and posted the video. Sadly, he later took it down because, I suspect, the response of the locals wasn’t very encouraging.

…former Seattle City Council candidate Michael Maddux approached Jones. Jones, in turn, asked him to talk. Maddux responded, “I don’t talk to racist fucks.”

Only a candidate? He needs to make this the centerpiece of his next campaign.

But my favorite part was this:

While ranting, Jones was confronted by BlöödHag singer Jake Stratton, who called out that Jones was “trash.” When Jones confronted him, Stratton threw coffee on him and taunted Jones before telling him he was going back to work, “where they have more coffee.”

We have reached peak Seattle: racists fucks getting doused with coffee by the lead singer of a two-umlaut band. I’ve got to get back and visit sometime.


  1. randall says

    I remember, with some glee, an aide of Roosevelt calling the country, ” the 47 United States and the Soviet of Washington”. Back when the Wobblies were something…

  2. cartomancer says

    How on earth is one supposed to pronounce two consecutive os with umlauts on them? Is it just a juddery vomiting noise?

  3. says

    He leaves Texas (he lives in Austin), goes to one of the most liberal cities in the country, taunts and harangues passers-by, and when someone rises to his bait, he screeches about how mean liberals are. What a maroon.

    On the upside, there is the epic troll by the Seattle Police Department about this. Dominic Holden, a writer for The Stranger, tweeted a question to SPD about whether any charges have been filed. Their response was

    We haven’t received any official reports. As far as we know that could be an actor playing Alex Jones.

    which seems to be a reference to Jones’ accusation that the racists at Charlottesville were Jewish actors paid to make white Gentiles look bad.

  4. blf says

    How on earth is one supposed to pronounce two consecutive os with umlauts on them?

    In this case I’d suggest however the band prefers; they could pronounce it “Scooby Doo” and, except for possibly copyright issues, that should be fine, albeit not too obvious.

  5. emergence says

    It’s ironic that Jones loves to accuse his ideological opponents of being part of a cult when he runs a fearmongering radio show where he encourages his followers to distrust any media outside of the right wing conspiracy theorist bubble and says that anyone who disagrees with him is brainwashed or part of a conspiracy themselves. He and his followers have generated an insulated, self-reinforcing community where it becomes crazy not to believe in psychotic nonsense. Its also funny how both Alex Jones and John Oliver are guys with talk shows where they discuss politics, but according to Jones if you agree with Oliver, then you’re “brainwashed”. That might not be a fair comparison though. John Oliver’s cartoony persona is a comedy act, and he’s capable of soberly talking about political issues and citing evidence for his claims. When Alex Jones screams off the wall bullshit and slams his fists onto the table, that’s what he’s like in real life, and he expects people to take him seriously.

    Conspiracy theories allow people like Jones to deny anything that challenges their worldview while inventing events that reinforce it. When a white supremacist Trump supporter runs people over, Jones dismisses it as a false flag. When people show that the claims made about “pizzagate” are wrong, Jones calls it a coverup. Conspiracy theorists seem to think that they’re combating obscurantism when they’re actually contributing to it.

  6. davidc1 says

    I visited Seattle in Sept 2005 ,had a boat ride round the harbour ,the guide doing the talk announced that the Elliott Bay Tower where Frasier lived was not real ,spoilt the rest of the tour .
    Went up the Space Needle and had a look at the Science center .
    Looks lie a nice city to live in ,and it is a myth that it rains all the time according to the guy doing the talk on the boat.

  7. robro says

    I hardly know anything about Jones, but recently saw John Oliver do a segment about him focused on the fact that he’s constantly selling woo and begging for donations. He’s a classic preacher/snake-oil salesman.

    Gregory in Seattle @#3: I have quite a few friends/colleagues who call Austin home who say it’s a fairly liberal place itself. It’s just surrounded by Texas.

    And speaking of politicians who sometimes say the right things, I stumbled on this video of a speech by the mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu, about removing Civil War monuments. He’s managed to get removed three statues and the infamous Battle of Liberty Place Monument.

  8. emergence says

    Gregory in Seattle @3

    I can’t get over that “Jewish actors” claim. First, it’s obvious bullshit considering that people have been digging up the online and real life history of the white nationalist jackoffs that went to the rally, and none of them have turned out to be secret Jews. Jones is making shit up. Second, it pretty much confirms that Jones is an anti-Semitic Nazi sympathizer. He spends more time gibbering about how horrible anti-fascists are than he does condemning actual card-carrying neo-Nazis and klansmen.

  9. emergence says

    Also, that tweet about getting splashed with coffee is the most butthurt thing I’ve read today. He tries to spin the coffee as being “scalding” and how he was attacked, even through it didn’t seem to warrant any sort of first aid or hospital visit. There’s also the usual whine about how liberal tolerance doesn’t extend to intolerant people who hate immigrants, Muslims, and gay people, as if that wouldn’t defeat the point of being tolerant in the first place.

    Also also, Jones seems to have mistaken not wanting to give a toxic attention wh*re like him what he wants as being a “bot” or part of a cult or whatever.

  10. Pablo Campos says

    I live in Seattle and I must say, I am proud of my fellow seattleites. Alex Jones could F$ck off with his bullshit. And yes Myers, do come by for a visit.

  11. markusbecker says

    > How on earth is one supposed to pronounce …

    The German Umlaut “Ö” is normally pronounced like the english “u” in “burr” or the “i” in “birth”.
    So you could pronounce “BlöödHag” as “blurred hag”, while “blö(ö)d” in german means “silly, dumb, not very intelligent”.

    PS: Long time lurker here, who just discovered to be able to log in via WP.

  12. Owlmirror says

    @Gregory in Seattle:

    Their response was

    We haven’t received any official reports. As far as we know that could be an actor playing Alex Jones.

    which seems to be a reference to Jones’ accusation that the racists at Charlottesville were Jewish actors paid to make white Gentiles look bad.

    It occurred to me that while this is true, Alex Jones is far more well known for having claimed that Sandy Hook was a hoax/fake done with actors. And, as the text at your link points out, Alex Jones has claimed that what he does is performance art; i.e., it’s all an act. So Alex Jones is an actor himself.

    It seems quite reasonable to suspect that the Alex Jones Seattle coffee incident was a false flag operation carried out by paid actors.

  13. JoeBuddha says

    Rentonite here (wich is close enough), and I loved this stuff. If I saw Alex Jones, I’d throw coffee on him myself. He’s a vile human. He put the Sandy Hook parents through hell just for the lolz. Words don’t exist to describe such an evil fuck.