I get email

Man, I thought Catholic fanatics were bad, but they’ve got nothin’ on anti-feminists.

great article about the google diversity


i just wanted to take the opportunity to tell you that you are a huge (literally nice man tits) cuckold f4gg0t and one day you may be hanging from a rope.


He seems nice.


  1. cartomancer says

    Are you sure he isn’t advertising a company that runs body-positive abseiling holidays?

  2. thirdmill says

    If he writes again, maybe he could take the trouble to provide a reasoned explanation for why he disagrees with you.

  3. Larry says

    Dear Miss Manners,

    So, I’m writting an anonymous nastygram to somebody, whom I don’t know, but, whose comments in a web blog have deeply offended me and I wish to convey my feelings of unrequited hatred and loathing for them. When is it appropriate to use the word, faggot, as opposed to its alternative spelling, f4gg0t?


    Anxious in San Jose

  4. birgerjohansson says

    You focus on the negative. On the positive side he does not threaten to eat PZ with fava beans and a good chianti.
    You libruls are soo unfair.

  5. says

    one day you may be hanging from a rope.

    He has got a point! Some day you may be in rising water and some good christian will throw you a life-line. Right? That is what he’s talking about?

  6. militantagnostic says

    Marcus @8
    I was thinking PZ might enjoy rappelling. It might take his mind of off the current tsunami of bullshit.

  7. Matthew Herron says

    He’s working toward equality by giving you some of what women experience online.

  8. says

    chigau (違う) @ 4

    The alt – right love ‘cuckold’ because it paints their target with everything they hate
    – The target doesn’t revel in aggressive masculinity, making them weak in their eyes
    – The female is in control in the relationship, something that the alt-right see as abhorrent.
    – They see you ‘letting the side down’ in the race contest that they play out in their heads, because you can guarantee that the other men in this cuckolding relationship – in their eyes – will be black, and there’s nothing worse than blacks ‘taking our women.’

    It’s amazing how one word can do perfectly encapsulate their racism, misogyny, and insecurity.

  9. Matthew Herron says

    Larry @5:
    “When is it appropriate to use the word, faggot, as opposed to its alternative spelling, f4gg0t?”
    When you’re a b1g0t.

  10. emergence says

    Wow, you can tell he put a lot of mental effort into thinking of what to say to you. /s

  11. Siobhan says

    Interesting perspective, PZ. Are you sure you don’t want to litigate whether you should be hanged? You’re the real fascist if you don’t.

  12. mamba says

    #11 chrisgarghan:, Thank you, that was a pretty good breakdown of that insult, for real.

    Never made sense to me why it was even an insult, as usually most “cucks” are doing a consensual fetish by definition. I’ve been trying to figure out why they use it so often and casually myself, but your explanation checks the boxes I missed. Guess I forgot to put on my shit-coloured glasses before reading, for proper comprehension.

    Now I have even more reason to laugh at their stupidity! Thanks again…

  13. says

    I like that. More detail than my version. It’s value is within groups like them that can have the related feelings attached to whatever the insulter wants to attach them to. So one is said to be acting like a cucked subordinate letting someone take something from the if they actually compromise in Congress for example.

  14. says

    I’m trying to figure out how “cuckold” meshes here with “f4gg0t.” There is a common form of proof in mathematics that assumes a postulate is true and proceeds to the point of contradiction, thus showing that the postulate is not true.
    Methinks this person needs to be more rigorous in step 2.

  15. Timberwoof says

    I have hung from a rope. I was at a rock-climbing gym with my cow orkers, and my buddy at the other end of the top rope was belaying me.
    Perhaps it is better to assume niceness, stupididity, and malice in that order. I can’t tell you how nice I think this guy is.

  16. unperson says

    @feralboy12: I think that “cuckold f4ggot” would mean that the originator of that message believes that PZM is gay but married a woman for social reasons, and that his purported children are not in fact his. Like the portrayal of Edward II of England in “Braveheart”. The part about “nice tits” could suggest that the originator believes PZM to be a transwoman, though it more likely indicates an opinion that PZM is obese.

  17. says

    The people throwing cuck around as an insult have ridiculous reasons for doing so. Recently the following Ford ad rani n Canada. Someone posted “Ford: Cars for Cucks! Good luck with the sales!” in response, probably because the ad has a woman with an “inappropriate” hairdo teasing her husband/partner. If he was a “real man” she’d have long hair, and know better than to act anything but submissive towards him.

  18. handsomemrtoad says

    You cannot hang FROM a rope. You can only hang FROM a fixed, rigid thing like a tree or a gibbet. You hang BY a rope.

  19. unperson says

    @timgueguen: Also, the man let the woman get in the driver’s seat. The horror!

    Over-analyzing juvenile insults. It’s fun!

  20. Pete Newell says

    #25 handsomemrtoad; technically, you could be suspended on a rope attached to the middle of another rope, but I suspect some of the deep poetic imagery of the original message is lost by that kind of thinking. Brings to mind more of a squirrel-onna-bird-feeder kind of image than I expect they were aiming for.

    Mind you, I hate when those furry little bastiches get into the bird feeder, so as insults go… Hang on. I’m rambling again.

  21. eva19 says

    Re: the Ford ad. Fucking really?! Some bro got worked up over THAT? I honestly almost missed what I was supposed to be outraged by in that clip. My goodness, how fucking insecure do you have to be to be reduced to imbecilic rage over that ad? I was honestly more distracted by my love of Skrillex- style hairdos on pretty much anyone to even notice the supposed emasculation of some random dude who seemed really content, if I’m being honest.

  22. katkinkate says

    To Unperson @ 26
    To me the ad sounded Australian, so the guy got into the driver’s seat. We do things up-side-down in the southern hemisphere.

  23. katkinkate says

    OK, the voices were American, but the female voiceover sounds like the same voice we hear in Australia. And I recognised the silent guy. It looked and sounded familiar, like what I would expect on Australian TV.

  24. Alt-X says

    Hahaha. I love how his email proves why he and his group are idiots and should be mocked at every turn. Good job guy! Cheers!

  25. says

    On Medium I ended up writing a quick jab at the sloppiness of the memo’s research (https://goo.gl/tpei79). I mean, seriously, if you’re going to write a memo that’s going to get you fired, at least bring your A game and make it a well-researched and internally-consistent memo. Memo bro should be embarrassed.

  26. Jeremy Shaffer says

    Eva19 @ 28:

    Re: the Ford ad. Fucking really?! Some bro got worked up over THAT?

    Well, yeah! I mean, if you have a better way to tell the real manly men who are all “reals before feels” and “fuck your feelings” from the special snowflakes frantically searching for a safe space from all the trigger warnings I’m all ears.