Terrorists use IEDs, right?

Someone threw an Improvised Explosive Device through a window in Bloomington yesterday. Police are baffled.

Neither the FBI nor the Bloomington Police Department, which initially responded to the explosion, speculated on a motive for the incident.

“At this point, our focus is to determine who and why,” Potts said at a news conference. “Is it a hate crime? Is it an act of terror? … Again, that’s what the investigation is going to determine.”

We know a few things already.

A Bloomington mosque was attacked with an explosive device Saturday as people were preparing for morning prayers, investigators and witnesses said.

A bomb was thrown into a religious building before the start of their services, but it might not have been an act of terror. OK. It might not have been intended to intimidate or discourage practitioners of a certain religion that has mobs of haters who blame them for their problems.


I’ll wait patiently while the cops try to figure it out. At least they aren’t responding by shooting people, which is a step forward.


  1. jtdavi3 says

    Didn’t you know that white Christians (I’m assuming, here) can’t be terrorists by definition? (/s)
    How much you want to bet they decide this was a lone wolf/vigilante with likely mental health issues, and the T word is never mentioned again?

  2. says

    Well I would wait patiently. It seems likely that this was a bias crime and properly classified as terrorism, but we don’t know that. It could have been a personal dispute or some other motive. Let’s see how people react if and when they solve it. We had an incident here in Connecticut a while back where a guy shot up a mosque (didn’t hit any people, fortunately) and I think the public and media response was largely appropriate. BTW the congregation reached out to the guy, he got to know them, and he is now very regretful. After he did his time he made a public statement of contrition.

  3. says

    This sounds to me like the police being traditionally cagey, as they are with many other crimes: “We can’t say for certain it was this or that,” when they’ve just begun gathering evidence and correlating witness statements. But that just raises the question of why in other cases the police — I suppose, to be fair, I should say other police — are so keen to use the T-word.

  4. handsomemrtoad says

    Forgive me for being an asshole about this, but, it really is entirely possible that this is a false-flag thing. I hate to say it, but it really is possible. It would not be the first.

  5. stwriley says

    The police may be hedging, but your governor certainly isn’t. Gov. Dayton has already called this an act of terrorism, a hate crime, and termed it a “terrible, dastardly, cowardly act”. So at least someone in authority in Minnesota is willing to stand up and say what ought to be said. Now he just needs to get the police to do what needs to be done and catch the hateful, bigoted troglodytes who did this.

  6. pontavedra says

    Only half the major news sites even had anything on it. Only one of them used the word “terrorism,” and that only because they quoted the governor.
    Imagine if a person of Arab descent threw a bomb into a Christian church. Same headlines? Of course not.

  7. blf says

    (Cross-posted from the current Political Madness All the Time thread here at poopyhead’s.)

    A somewhat bland Al Jazeera article on the response to the Minnesota mosque bombing, but it does make the good point (citing Mother Jones) that hair furor has said nothing, Double standard decried as Minnesota mosque bombed:

    Social media users slam purported double standard of media and government as Muslim worshippers targeted in US state.
    For many, the response, or lack of it, revealed a double standard.

    Some questioned why US President [sic] Donald Trump failed to respond to what they described as a “terrorist attack” targeting Muslims.

    Mark Follman, an editor at […] Mother Jones magazine, said Trump’s silence was due to the target of the attack.


    “In normal times, the bombing of a house of worship with an IED would not go unacknowledged by the president of the United States,” he continued, after posting a list of previous attacks committed by far-right attackers that Trump had also not responded to.

    Marty Parrish asked: “Did I miss Trump’s statement of concern for the victims of this bombing and members of the Mosque?” Adding: “Does he care?”


  8. trevorn says

    Police reticence here doesn’t strike me as a step forward. It’s standard operating procedure when the suspects are white and christian. Nothing has changed.

  9. happyrabo says

    I just realized from the photos that the building in question that got bombed used to be known as Minneapolis Lutheran High School. I graduated from there. The imam’s office was once the principal’s office.

    Given how some would feel about that place becoming a mosque, I really hope the bomber doesn’t turn out to be someone I used to know…