It’s too bad they’re Not Alone

We’re nervous about admitting this. We were made this way. We’re different. It’s scary. We’re oppressed by society. We need to be more open and honest with each other. We can’t have a bigoted society. <breaks down crying>

It’s so mean that people call us bigoted because we want to deny people basic rights just because we think they’re icky.

That’s a video from a conservative political group called Catholic Vote. It’s a strange and oblivious little organization of hidebound Catholic reactionaries that is not supported by the Catholic church at all — they really don’t like Pope Francis and his liberal ways — and are more about right-wing wing-nuttiness than they are Catholic dogma.

Apparently they don’t like the idea of empathy, either. They think you ought to have empathy for them, but they seem incapable of putting themselves in the shoes of people who actually do have their rights suppressed.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    Hmm…does this qualify as narcissism, or just as “not being grown up” ? Boo hoo my neighbours are so mean to me, they keep complaining about how I play music at 2 AM.
    — — —
    Also, more people who don’t understand why they don’t get respect:
    “Embarassing conversations were overheard by journalists”.

  2. Sastra says

    As long as believers insist that they joined and/or remain in their religion because they think it’s true and the facts it supports are accurate, then being a Catholic, a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu or whatever is like being a member of a political party. It’s not like being gay or being a person of color. No matter how heartfelt their faith is, they’re making moral decisions based on facts, not identity. Whining about “that’s who I am” is disingenuous.

    If you’re wrong, you’re wrong.

  3. Saad says

    Holy shit, that dude at 1:19…

    I’m about to attempt the world’s first simultaneous eye roll + face palm + headdesk.

  4. gijoel says

    @4 “I’ve got gay friends” No, they’re not your friends. They just too polite to tell you how messed up you are.

  5. Siobhan says


    I’m about to attempt the world’s first simultaneous eye roll + face palm + headdesk.

    Like, a backflip into a desk?

  6. consciousness razor says

    And yet, Phil Lawler noted the irony: “Nowhere in the essay does one find a suggestion of the attitude, made popular by Pope Francis, that the Church should ‘accompany’ sinners. No; the sins of American conservatism are unforgivable.”

    I’m sure this is a strawman — basically everything is “forgivable” in RCC doctrine* — but even if it weren’t…. It’s a little odd to (apparently) admit “yes, we’re wrong, we’ve got all these sins, etc.” and to follow it up by not addressing that, or to even acknowledge it as a real possibility which they would have to take seriously. Instead, they expect mindless, automatic forgiveness and whine that this “attack” should’ve been more “temperate.” If they had gotten that, then it’s back to the grindstone, chipping away at everyone’s rights, while the Pope’s job is I guess to give them a gentle backrub from time to time. It looks ironic, if you’ve got your Catholic goggles on, because that is how it’s supposed to be and the Pope is supposed to know better. Predictable, definitely, but it’s kind of weird to see it all laid out like this.

    Of course, none of this is news, not really. If you don’t read the dates on the articles, you might think these “attacks” came when Reagan was president and JPII was the big potato.** Indeed, there were some Catholics complaining about it back then (or much earlier, as there have been some mildly centrist/progressive factions within the RCC for a long time — it’s a big tent) … and they did it very quietly and with excessive “temperance.” I don’t think a whole lot of people were listening then, and it doesn’t look like they’re very interested in listening now. Francis doesn’t have “liberal ways,” but I guess anything that’s not a translation of Hitler’s speeches would probably sound too liberal to some. Anyway, it apparently doesn’t matter what kind of resistance they’re up against. They’ll keep pretending to be a bunch of persecuted, morally-serious people; and they won’t be pretending that they don’t give a shit about what anyone else thinks or about what is happening in the real world.
    *For Catholic values of “forgivable,” in which you’re still treated like dirt, you should be very ashamed even of things that aren’t bad, and must always remember how terribly guilty you are of basically everything. So, to a normal person, “basically everything is forgivable” is not quite as nice as it might sound at first.
    **I guess that’s not so long ago, if you think the “good old days” were during the Roman Empire. Maybe the Crusades were good enough…. Either way, it’s been long enough to have a constructive dialogue, although it seems like none of the parties involved really want anything like that.

  7. erichoug says

    You’re actively trying to suppress by equal treatment before the law in our secular government and I should love and respect you?

    Go fuck yourself! You’re not a victim, you’re an asshole. If you don’t approve of same sex marriage, don’t marry someone the same gender as you. Nobody is going to force your church to bless the union and no-one is going to force you to attend the service. Other than that, it’s none of your god damned business!

    The “I’m a brave truth teller” video is just pathetic.

  8. whywhywhy says

    I happen to know what marriage is and I don’t see how it could change.

    Marriage has continually changed since it was first fabricated by humans. In fact all this bigot (actor?) has to do is look over the last few years …


  9. blf says

    I happen to know what marriage is and I don’t see how it could change.

    He’s still in the wife = slavewomangirl era.

  10. says

    You are not alone. You are not alone. Unless you’re gay. Then you should be alone. You should live and die alone. Catholic vote.

  11. tororosoba says

    I wanted to tell them “you are welcome to think that marriage is between man and woman, and you are welcome to marry somebody of the opposite sex, but don’t tell others what they should do”. Then I thought – haven’t I seen this before?

    This video is two years old. They have lost the fight. No need to kick somebody who is already on the ground.

  12. says

    Wait, they lost me here. How are they oppressed again? Because they’re “looked down upon”? They don’t have to marry a same-sex person, or officiate at a same-sex wedding. The rest is commerce.

  13. timberwoof says

    I practiced some very unCatholic snark in their comments section. Worse yet, I down-voted the video.
    For comic relief, I recommend the alternate version that shows up in the right column. We should prepare the clutching pearls and the fainting couch.