It’s an irony explosion!

The crew at Answers in Genesis, who believe in defiance of all the scientific evidence the absurd idea that the Earth is only 6000 years old, have a recent youtube episode in which they mock and disparage a certain group of Biblical literalists, who believe in defiance of all the scientific evidence the absurd idea that the Earth is a flat disc. It’s weird to watch, because they bring out all the same arguments everyone does in opposition to creationism, and they are completely unaware of the relevance of their dismissals to their own claim of a young earth. Watch this analysis and be amused.


  1. Ed Seedhouse says

    Wait, I read the bible and the cosmological model in Genesis is clearly a flat earth below a solid dome (the “firmament”). So “answers in Genesis” is denying Genesis?

  2. Snarki, child of Loki says

    “In your heart, you know it’s flat”

    Well, the Universe is.

  3. colinday says


    But if the earth were a (thin) disk, wouldn’t everything get attracted to the center? Wouldn’t we have a big pile of stuff in the middle?

  4. says

    When I still tried to argue with religious people on the interntet, I once talked with a devout catholic. He chided me for making fun of his superstitious beliefs and demanded “respect” for them, I tried to explain to him that unsubstantiated ideas do not deserve a respect, and that I am not mocking him personally, but he refused to understand that – like many religious people, he identified so strongly with his ideology that any cricticism of the ideology was a personal attack to him.

    A few days later in another topic he mocked a flat-earthist – not the idea, but the person. After I pointed out the hipocrisy of his behavior and that transubstantiation is just as ridiculous idea as flat earth, he again failed to understand at all what I am talking about.

    In my experience, religious people are often like that. Irony is an alien concept to them, when it comes to their superstition.

  5. blf says

    If the Earth was flat, wouldn’t cats have pushed everything off by now?

    Yes, and they have.
    This is why we know it’s turtles all the way down.

  6. ashley says

    In the video I saw Purdom was also having a go at the scientifically sensible Biologos for some reason.

  7. says

    I’ve never talked directly to any flat-earthers, but I want to ask them to explain eclipses. Particularly lunar eclipses, when you can see the shadow of the Earth on the Moon.

    Similarly, I want to ask creationists to explain the domestication of dogs. Though I fear they would say dogs were created domesticated. There’s not enough facepalm to cover for this.

  8. says

    Where are these so-called Flat Earthers I keep hearing about?

    Yeah, I’ve seen the odd (probably tongue in cheek) video and read the occasional comment on this or that forum, but I’m starting to think they’re actually being stored in a secret bunker with the mobs of postmodernists and likewise only aired out in public viewing by Evangelical preachers, National Review “writers”, and speakers on the Skeptic circuit.

    What better rhetorical foil for a crackpot making a living off of religious outrages than a fictional character who can never debate you!