Easy diet plan

I’ve got to lose some weight, and most of the gimmicky diet plans you read about simply don’t appeal at all, but I have to confess I find this three-egg diet tempting. It’s simple, and the author definitely got results.


  1. kestrel says

    Well, I must say – the author certainly did get interesting results from that new diet! And by Sunday, I note that there was not even a hint of wanting any junk food at all. Amazing!

  2. feministhomemaker says

    Oh, PZ, I have to agree! Eggs are wonderful and helped me lose 25 pounds and I kept it off for 10-12 years now. I have little veggie egg cups baking right now in the over! So simple to make. I buy pastured chicken eggs with deep orange yoke and feel great eating them!

    Also I have quit gluten in this same time period and I think that helped immensely as well. Even with all the corn chips and corn tortillas I eat and rice and potatoes and quinoa and beans I keep the weight off easily. And lots of fruit for desserts and plain yoghurt and kefir with honey and GF pancakes with real maple syrup and my wonderful banana walnut bread made with oatmeal, I still keep it off easily. Been steady at 136 pounds for 12 years, only just recently gained 5 pounds and am now 41. I went through a weird IBS cycle a year ago and lost down to 125 which scared me and so I worked hard to gain it back and I think I over did it!! Will go back to normal now.

    I was 165 pounds and a practicing attorney full of stress 13 years ago and so maybe quitting a stressful job helped too,

    But yes, love those eggs!

  3. petesh says

    Q to Bill Rodgers of Boston in his 70s prime: Why do you run marathons?
    A: So I can eat ice cream.
    (The no-ice-cream diet works for me, when absolutely necessary.)

  4. Rob Grigjanis says

    A friend had to lose some weight for a hernia operation, and the clinic (Shouldice) gave him a diet. Can only find vague references online, but it came down to cutting out carbs; bread, rice, spuds, etc. and eating lots of fruit and veg. Eggs and meat OK. The weight came off easily, and stayed off even after he went back to eating some (but less) carbs.

  5. unclefrogy says

    it came down to cutting out carbs; bread, rice spuds, etc.

    but I like seeds, especially grass seeds, ground fine, or smashed flat or steamed whole. For me life would be a sad place without them.
    uncle frogy

  6. Rob Grigjanis says

    unclefrogy @6: My friend loved rice, but the sadness abated after a couple of weeks. Other people I know who tried Atkins (a rather different diet from the Shouldice one) had similar experiences around sugar, bread and/or beer. Cravings went away after a week or two.

  7. jrkrideau says

    Eat potatoes. A perfectly balanced diet (or so NASA says though I think they say a bit of margarine helps).

    The bicycle is a good idea. Food and exercise, what a revolutionary discovery!

    # 3 Rob Grigjanis
    Almost any diet will work short term.

  8. chakolate says

    I lost 80 pounds in 2016. After years… no, decades of trying every diet under the sun, I finally did what my dad used to do. When his pants got a little too tight, he’d eat everything he always had, just half as much. He’d double up on vegetables if he was hungry.

    So I tried it, finally. It was easy, and it only took about three days for my eyes to recognize that a half portion was really a full portion – I was never hungry. I was eating stuff I liked, so I never felt deprived. I set a goal of 175 ( a BMI of 27.5) and when I hit that, I just kept going.

    Now I’ve lost a total of 90 pounds, my BMI is 22 (down from 37), and the hard part really begins: keeping it off.

    I can’t say what will work for anybody else, but this was easy and effortless for me.

    Whatever you do, good luck.

  9. methuseus says

    I’m not sure if that is supposed to be a reference to something else. I enjoyed it on its own, but I might enjoy it more if I knew what it was sourcing from, if anything.

  10. says

    This is unexpected and rather interesting. The story at the link is not about diets, but it sets up as one, starts as one, and sporadically has the narrator natter on about his diet, but those are all distracters. They’re interleaved with an end-of-the-world story — he’s eating scavenged eggs out of a dirty hubcap near the end. He’s walked hundreds of miles fleeing…something. He ends up in a devastated landscape with an oil-slicked sea.

    You know those SAT-style reading comprehension tests, where they give you a paragraph or two and then ask some multiple choice questions about the content? They would be much more challenging if they were written like that.

  11. thirdmill says

    I lost about twenty pounds by only eating when I was actually hungry, regardless of what the clock said.

  12. magistramarla says

    I wouldn’t advise anyone to do this just to lose weight, but I’ve lost 35 lbs by having two spine surgeries in 18 months. The first surgery didn’t work, so I had to have a second one to repair it.
    I’ve spent lots of time in the pool, both the community one in the summer and the one at the gym the rest of the year. Water walking has been a wonderful way for me to try to get back into shape. I was just given the go-ahead to join the water aerobics class at my six month check-up last week, so I’m hoping that my strength will begin to come back even faster now.
    I’ve been eating high protein foods to encourage the bone fusion, so I’ve been eating lots of yogurt or protein shakes for breakfast and lunch, and meat with a vegetable or salad for dinner.
    It was also discovered that I have osteoporosis, so I’m giving myself a daily injection of Forteo. I’ve read that one of the side effects of Forteo can be weight loss, so I’m thinking that also is why the pounds seem to be melting off.
    As I said, it’s not the best way to lose weight, but I like that I’m nearly down to what I weighed when I got married, five babies and 40 years ago. I hope to keep it that way!

  13. Alt-X says

    ohh right haha. Makes sense and now I feel stupid!

    The old man loads the shotgun.

    I thought it might have been a sort of new literary thing, adding poems or sentances between paragraphs.

    The Duck takes flight.

    Doesn’t help I had a few before trying to read it, doesn’t help with the reading comprehension.

    The shot is missed. Eggs for dinner again tonight.

  14. Terska says

    I read a lot of food and recipe blogs. The recipes are buried at the bottom of the pages under boring stories that are barely related to the recipe all in the name of getting the word count up to please google’s page ranking algorithms. This is the first one I’ve read that is actually fun and interesting.

  15. Rob Curtis says

    I’m trying this diet too, but on the 9th day I couldn’t forage for eggs. The birds are gone and the local dogs are roaming in packs. I haven’t seen any other people for a month now. I can only travel at night. I’ve lost 25 lbs though, which is a success. I suspect I will lose more weight in the next few weeks as I canoe down the Mississippi to the Gulf. I hear it’s a great place to try the new all fish diet.