On the penultimate day of Spring Break, I cleaned up my office! It looks…majestic!


Philistines and non-academics may look at that and complain that there are still an awful lot of heaps and piles and what they would call “clutter” everywhere, but the cognoscenti will be more impressed that there are multiple clear surfaces there.

And…ermagerd! The ghost of Charles Darwin has manifested in the room! He’s…smiling! Clearly, my efforts have been blessed.


  1. Penny says

    That is amazingly tidy. In my office the floor is part of the ‘piling system’.

  2. dimhue says

    You don’t have a big imposing desk to sit behind menacingly for when students come in? What’s the point of even being a professor then??

  3. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    nice overseer you got watching your lab. maintain his health as Medicaire is removed from his plate, and lunch as Meals on Wheels drives off into the sunset.

  4. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Congratulations. Having room to work is great.

    I got my computer room desk that clean a month ago. Took about two weeks to go through all the old mail, shred the addressed sections, recycle the others, sort the magazines and catalogs, redacting addresses and addressed inserts, and recycling the old stuff, before I even got to the desk itself. Then another couple of days getting the medical/insurance stuff sorted and under control.
    Think I need to attack the shred mail pile and catalogs again as they are stacking up. *goes to grab stuff*

  5. kevinalexander says

    …..the floor is part of the ‘piling system’….

    I call it the sedimentary system of storage.

  6. davidc1 says

    That’s not Charles Darwin ,it is either James Randi ,or the ghost of Buster Merryfield (you Americans can look him up on line .)

  7. jrkrideau says

    @ 1 Penny
    In my office the floor is part of the ‘piling system’.
    I had a colleague like that. He had a government work cubicle, not an office, but there was a slightly crooked trail from doorway to desk amongst 1.5 to 2 feet piles of paper. No floor except the trail was visible.

    He came to work one day to find yellow hazard tape across the doorway. Health and safety had declared the cubicle a fire hazard.

  8. ealloc says

    I spy someone is reading Stephen J Gould’s Big Book! I’ve been slowly working on that one recently too, my first read-through.

  9. doubter says

    I used to do desktop support at a small college. Your office and lab pictures strongly remind me of similar rooms there. Thank you for making it easy to physically access your computer! Your local IT guy will appreciate it.

    I remember situations where I would have to engage in an almost archaeological excavation of paper before beginning to troubleshoot. All the while, the prof would be looking on anxiously from the hall (too cluttered for us to both be in the room at the same time, of course), saying, “Careful! That stack needs to stay in order!”

  10. jeffj says

    The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs!

    My kids got that for Christmas! They let me borrow it though ;)