Now I’m really looking forward to Obama’s farewell address

It’s being given tomorrow, and if only all the conspiracy theorists’ fantasies would come true…

I hear there will also be a 500 drone strike salute, but we won’t get to see that because it’ll be carried out in secret, in foreign countries.


  1. says

    We should have known. And there is no way to resist, because he’s cleverly painted the helicopters black! And that endows them, as we know, with super-powers. I think they’re also confiscating all the black paint.

  2. says

    That cartoon is just ridiculous. When “Obama” pulls off his Disguis-o-mask(patent pending) it won’t be some alien underneath. It will be Donald Trump Mark 2, Trump’s clone. He’s only in his 30s, so he isn’t a blob of nastiness yet, just nasty.

  3. davidnangle says

    I always liked the internally-inconsistent theories. Like, atheist muslim. Communist Nazi. Effeminate, iron-fisted, weak strong-man.

  4. Penny says

    Unlike the totally inconsistent contradiction that will be the forthcoming man-child, the overweight snowflake, a bag of hot air named after a fart…

  5. whywhywhy says

    The sad part is that there are real conspiracies that are hurting this country and the citizens that reside within it:
    1. voter suppression in many states to inhibit primarily minorities and other Democratically leaning voters
    2. co-option of regulatory oversight be the industries being regulated
    3. Goldman Sachs being the training ground for all financial leaders in this nation
    4. general 6-month outlook that has afflicted our private sector leaders and thus put an emphasis on getting money quick at any cost (environment, workers, communities, etc).
    5. two-tiered justice system (Example: look up John Kiriakou and all the folks prosecuted or lack thereof for committing torture OR look at the investigation into the Abu Ghraib by the military and how they were not permitted to investigate up the chain of command.)
    6. Campaign finance
    etc. etc.

  6. says


    Trump was always a blob of nastiness.

    Trump writes that his younger brother Robert often tells people a story of when they were kids that he thinks is indicative of his brother’s destiny for being a ruthless real-estate developer.

    They were playing with toy blocks when Trump was inspired to create a tall building, which would require some of his brother’s blocks. Robert let him borrow them.

    “I ended up using all of my blocks, and then all of his, and when I was done, I’d created a beautiful building,” Trump writes. “I liked it so much that I glued the whole thing together. And that was the end of Robert’s blocks.”