A master class in dealing with media douchebros

Watch this video. @LaurenDuca goes up against Tucker Carlson and you get to learn.

It’s amazing. She’s confident. She calls him out on his bullshit. She points out when he’s being patronizing. She clearly explains her points. She dumbfounds him because he can’t understand how she can admire many of Ivanka Trump’s accomplishments while also deploring her actions in “supporting the most aggressively anti-woman candidate of our time” — which seems like a fairly obvious and reasonable concern to me, but Carlson doesn’t get it.

Or, at least, he pretends he doesn’t get it. Most of his rebuttal seems to involve adopting a dull, stupid expression, repeating her words, and acting as if there is some kind of contradiction there, when there isn’t.

And then at the end he tries to fight back by mocking her writing for Teen Vogue — she has an article on thigh-high boots which apparently, to the one-dimensional mind of Tucker Carlson, means she can’t have thoughtful political opinions…and further, there is an implicit belittling of teenaged girls, which Duca confidently rejects.

Here’s hoping a generation of teen-aged girls are growing up aware and angry, preparing to put on their thigh-high boots and do a flying drop-kick to Tucker Carlson’s condescending stupid face. He ought to be worried.

By the way, it also helps that she’s defending a righteous and reasonable position. Confidence is good, responding aggressively is good, but it doesn’t help if your confident aggression is in defense of racist sleaziness, for instance.


  1. Artor says

    Carlson isn’t “adopting a dull, stupid expression.” That’s his normal look. He is dull and stupid.

  2. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    fuck, I could only stand 3/4ths of that vid, before having to puke.
    When she kept trying to stop his interruption by saying “Tucker. … Tucker, Tucker, Tucker” I kept hearing “fucker, fucker. fucker”
    Tucker, so you think every one should always support their dad, no matter how wrong, hateful, bigoted, and destructive they are? Good luck with that. FU Tucker.

  3. Mark Dowd says

    How can you write that second to last paragraph and not do a “these boots are made for walking” reference.

  4. says

    I got a 3-year subscription to Teen Vogue for a young girl in my life. I bought the most recent issue so she’d have an actual gift to open and read, and I flipped through it earlier today before I wrapped it. It’s really good – positive, fun, politically aware.

    Tucker Carlson is indeed a partisan hack.

  5. zibble says

    The saddest thing is this same video is posted elsewhere on Youtube with titles like “TUCKER CARLSON DESTROYS LIBTARD”, full of Trumpsucker comments like “Can’t cuck the tuck! He sure showed that c**t”.

    Winning a battle of wits isn’t possible when your opponent and his supporters are too fucking stupid to know they’ve lost. Our whole concept of argumentation and debate is alien to them; to them, you win a debate by having the biggest and loudest crowd of hooting, screaming apes.

  6. unclefrogy says

    well I am so surprised! a right wing talking head acts like a big schmuck.
    I afraid that it is becoming clear that the main thing conservatives have in common is a very high schmuck quotient .
    I do not like the implication that schmuck equals conservative I am sure that it must not be limited that way but from all implications it sure is at least highly weighted in that direction.
    uncle frogy

  7. anthrosciguy says

    Why is it amazing that she’s confident etc.?

    Being confident etc. is not so easy on a tv or radio show unless you have a lot of experience with it, especially when dealing with double-dealing, hostile people who have a lot of on-camera, on-mic experience. And super especially when those opponents control and cameras and mics.

  8. says

    PZ: Here’s hoping a generation of teen-aged girls are growing up aware and angry, preparing to put on their thigh-high boots and do a flying drop-kick to Tucker Carlson’s condescending stupid face. He ought to be worried.


    Now I’m not saying you’re cute when you’re angry, you are wonderful. I cannot say that loud enough, I love young angry women. Strong, proud and willing to fight for their right. You go girls, the future belongs to you. Don’t take any shit from us middle aged sexist jerks, we deserve everything coming to us with room to spare.

  9. says

    He ought to be worried.

    Not sure. On the one hand, I like the idea of him lying awake in bed at night worrying about that. (At least, provided that it actually happens.) On the other hand, I also like the idea of him getting flying drop-kicks without worrying about it first, so that it comes as a total surprise and he is totally unprepared, and takes the maximum amount of damage. That’s a fun mental image, too.

  10. jrkrideau says

    @ 13 Erlend Meyer
    Don’t take any shit from us middle aged sexist jerks

    Hey what about us senior sexist jerks? Ageism at its worst!

    As a senior, white, and white-bearded, male, I find that in many cases I am much less sexist than younger people. This is not something I like to see.

    Oh, I’m sure I’m still sexist but sometimes I even notice my prejudices.

  11. mickll says

    Every time his beady little eyes disappear under his angry brows during that interview I hear that Monty Python quote.


  12. Crimson Clupeidae says

    I like thigh high boots. And I have political opinions.

    This would probably be a good time to dig up the video of Jon Stewert basically destroying whatever the name of the old show Tucker used to be on…..oh yeah: