The sacrifices I make…

In order to criticize it, I ordered a free copy of Gregg Braden’s terrible book about “heart brains”, Resilience from the Heart. I just wanted to warn you all — DON’T DO IT. He’s now dunning me with multiple emails every day trying to get me to try his FREE video, first in a series, that will tell me how to access the language of your heart so you can tap into your heart’s wisdom. It’s such a terrible book that it really isn’t worth the 30 seconds I used to create a filter to automatically destroy all of his email.

I was also getting lots of email from his publisher, Hay House, which is also sending me all kinds of offers on fluffy New Age crapola.

There’s always a catch.


  1. Rob Bos says

    Man, once you have a sucker on the hook, you really shouldn’t pull so hard right away. Gotta let them dig the hook in a little first before you go in for the yank.

  2. prae says

    Is this guy even worthy of being criticized? I just looked at other books being sold by him. With titles like “THE DIVINE MATRIX”, “FRACTAL TIME” or “THE GOD CODE”, I think he’s either a scam artist or so far away from reality that he can’t even considered to be “wrong” in any useful sense of that word.