Scientology sucks

The actress Shelley Duvall was recently interviewed by the odious Dr Phil, who worked her current mental illness for ratings. One unfortunate consequence of that interview, though, is that Vivian Kubrick, Stanley Kubrick’s daughter, has started fundraising to supposedly benefit Duvall. Unfortunate because Kubrick is a Scientologist, which calls her motives and actual intent into question.

Vivian Kubrick became a Scientologist in 1999 at which point she became estranged from the rest of her family. She did not attend the funeral of her own sister, Anya Kubrick, in 2009, nor did she visit her sister when she was battling cancer.

Scientology has a long history of hostility towards psychiatry. For details please read the article Scientology’s war on psychiatry at, HERE. Another good one is Scientologists Really, Really Hate Psychiatrists on, HERE.

The location listed on Vivian Kubrick’s Go Fund Me page for Duvall is Clearwater, FL. Neither Kubrick nor Duvall lives in Clearwater; it is, however, the location of The Church of Scientology’s business operations.

Kubrick has not had any contact with Duvall since filming wrapped on The Shining in 1979; they have not kept in touch over the years and were never close. Kubrick is not doing this at Duvall’s request, nor is she working with Duvall’s family.

Kubrick is requesting $100K without knowing the details of Duvall’s condition, or how much treatment will cost.

Methods used within the Scientology community to treat mental illness are questionable and potentially dangerous. Again, read the articles above.

Should Kubrick’s affiliation with Scientology, an organization that “maintains the very notion of mental illness is a fraud”, disqualify her from intervening in the life of a woman who clearly needs intensive, professional, psychiatric help?

So she has no real connection with Duvall, Duvall has not asked for this, and the request is maddeningly vague — just “Give me money, and somehow I might use it to help someone with psychiatric issues, despite not believing in psychiatry at all”.

Kubrick has so far raised over $22,000 just by appealing to people’s sympathy for a celebrity. Stop. You don’t know where the money you’re giving is going to go at all.


  1. Silver Fox says

    This sounds like the equivalent of a PAC. Give me money and I’ll do whatever I want with it and I don’t have to tell you squat.

  2. Pascal's Pager says

    Fuck Kubrick, fuck her father (watch the making of The Shining to see what a world class asshole he was to Duvall) fuck scientology but above all Fuck. Dr. Phil!

  3. specialffrog says

    Hubbard taught that charity was unethical (or “out ethics” in Scientology terms). Anything done by Scientology that has the appearance of charity will somehow make money for the Church of Scientology.

  4. says

    Pascal’s Pager, I’ve come to the conclusion that all great artists (and most mediocre ones for that) are assholes.

    Although as big an asshole as Kubrick might have been, she was around and functioning for decades after that movie.