A member of the Seattle city council has been flooded with hateful email because she, a proud socialist, has advocated for protests at the presidential inauguration in January (oh, and gosh do I love Seattle). This is not surprising. It’s the new reality that all the racists and sexists in the country have gotten goosed on happy juice by the recent election, and since Kshama Sawant is both a woman and brown, of course she’s getting the worst of the frenetically incoherent deplorables shrieking at her. But I just wanted to single out one message she got that demonstrates racist logic.

Go back to India b*tch. I am tired of being shamed because I’m a white male. You automatically think I’m a racist. How about you go the f*ck back to India or wherever you came from?

Isn’t that amazing? It’s a couple of sentences that completely fuck themselves over. Has the stupid sap ever stopped to think that maybe he’s not being shamed because he’s a white male, but because he says absurd things like “go back to India” to an elected American official?

Of course I also have the liberty of marveling at such dazzling inanity because I’m not the target (at least, not as much of a target — I still get the occasional rant cussing me out for being a Jew). It’s got to be even more terrifying to see that your opponents angry and irrational.


  1. Zeppelin says

    Here in Germany not long ago some dudes in some village somewhere got drunk and pumped up listening to neo-Nazi rock, until one of them said that he “wanted to watch a Neger burn” and they went off and tried to set fire to the local refugee housing.
    When they were arrested and interrogated they insisted that they weren’t racist. Because apparently listening to fascist propaganda music all night and setting fire to the homes of destitute foreigners is just the sort of thing that slips out sometimes when you’re Tired And Emotional.

  2. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    Yeah it’s weird “martyr complex” to claim one is being oppressed by being required to be civil. So when they lash out in, they start accusing those they’re lashing out at as being the racist oppressors. Not unexpected given Drumph as the initiator.

  3. says

    @Zeppelin, #1: IIRC, the correct, official term for Nazis listening to Nazi music while getting drunk is: “event-oriented youth”. That at least is what German police use during press briefings.

  4. says

    Don’t forget the Hitler emoticons on their phones that are totally only there for shits and giggles, because that’s what every non-Nazi person has on their phone.
    Oh, wait, we mustn’t say bad words about them. That’s what makes them burn refugee shelters.

    Also, don’t forget how the solution to “event oriented youth” chasing refugee teens through town is to install a curfew on the refugees and talk nicely to the people who just by coincidence use the Reichskriegsflagge and stuff. That worked perfectly until the next time those damn refugees insisted on existing in public.

  5. feministhomemaker says

    There is no link in this post to the source of the story. Usually you always link to source, PZ. Is it there and I’m just not getting it? My computer fritzes out a lot! I want to share this but not without an original source link now that we are trying to be careful about sharing real, not made up, news.

  6. feministhomemaker says

    If they do try to create a register for Muslims I hope we all sign up. We are all muslims now, too.

  7. birgerjohansson says

    The White Power gentleman might have been provoked by a name pronounced “savant”… because that is so different from his own, er, heuristic resources.

  8. says

    Bernardo Soares
    Don’t Call Them Nazis!
    Haven’t you learned nothing! You cannot call people Nazis just because they’re members of the “Heimatschutzbund”, shout “Sieg Heil” and hunt refugees through town. You may say at the most that their behaviour might be seen as right wing if looked at in a bad light, but we mustn’t be harsh in our judgement.
    If not you create ten new votes for the AfD the same way a fairy dies every time somebody says “I don’t believe in fairies”

  9. says

    Oh my God, you’re right! I’m so so sorry! I probably just handed the Bundestagswahl to Frauke Petry on a platter by being too pc. I repent and will from now on only talk about how the worries of besorgte Bürger need to be taken seriously and, like the wise Sigmar Gabriel or the even wiser Sarah Wagenknecht, about how we maybe should think about limits to how many people can actually make use of our constitutionally guaranteed right of protection from political persecution.

    To paraphrase Andreas Scheuer (CSU): “That’s not the constitution, that’s just, like, your opinion, man”

  10. Zeppelin says

    I’m sure any day now the folks who tell me I mustn’t say mean things about Nazis and cryptofascist reactionaries will also explain to me what the fuck “Taking Seriously the Needs and Worries” of those “Concerned Citizens” actually entails.
    So far I’ve only been able to glean that it involves nodding politely when they tell me they want to deport or kill people like myself or my friends, and making sure to mention an unrelated case of left-wing vandalism whenever they set fire to a building or assault someone for looking too foreign.

  11. What a Maroon, living up to the 'nym says


    Does that mean a fascist dies every time we say “I don’t believe in fascists”?

  12. Rich Woods says

    If it looks like a Nazi, goosesteps like a Nazi and speaks like a Nazi, then it’s a Nazi.

  13. says

    Does that mean a fascist dies every time we say “I don’t believe in fascists”?

    Nonono, it creates 10 more!
    Because the reasonable reaction any totally decent not nazi person will have to being called a Nazi for doing something Nazi-like is to become one.


    I’m sure any day now the folks who tell me I mustn’t say mean things about Nazis and cryptofascist reactionaries will also explain to me what the fuck “Taking Seriously the Needs and Worries” of those “Concerned Citizens” actually entails.

    Well, you could act like the 5.000 Euro any refugees allegedly gets were true. Also take their concerns about being outnumbered by muslims serious, especially in Saxony where there’s like three Pegida protestors in Dresden for every muslim in the whole state (I’m always glad my cousin’s Syrian husband doesn’t look like those people’s stereotypical idea about muslims and the kids even less so. They live in Meisen. He’s a leading heart specialist. Makes you wonder how many people whose lives he saved march actively against him).