Minneapolis mayor responds to Trump’s assertions about our state

I felt the same way about the recent Trump rally — he knows nothing about this state. Betsy Hodges expressed it beautifully, though.

Donald Trump, you need to know a few things about Minnesota that your ignorant tirade in Minnesota today revealed you do not know and I fear you are incapable of understanding:

1) You say “don’t let them roam our communities” like you have already created the fascist state you are hoping to turn this country into. This is America, Donald, and the Somali people of Minnesota and Minneapolis are not *roaming* our communities, they are *building* them.

2) Minnesota has problems, that’s for sure. All states do. There is poverty, and violence, and despair, and those have consequences – in every group, in every community, including the people you addressed today. But we aren’t like you, Donald. In Minnesota we respond to those challenges with kindness, not hate; by pulling together more rather than less; by appreciating one another more rather than less; and by working harder, not by giving up on one another. Everything you’ve done in your life – from your business practices to your sexual assaults to your Islamophobia to your constant blaming of others for the problems you’ve created yourself – betrays your ignorance of those values. But they are Minnesota values and we will vote them on Tuesday.

3) Minneapolis is a better, stronger place for having our Somali and East African immigrants and refugees in it. It is a privilege and an honor to be mayor of the city with the largest Somali population in this country. Your ignorance, your hate, your fear just make me remember how lucky we are to have neighbors who are so great.

4) You did get one thing right today, though. “Four years, you can forget it,” you said. Indeed. You can forget it.

Exactly right.


  1. johnlee says

    Here in Europe, Many people – young people especially – are ignorant about the important role America played in guaranteeing our rights during the 20th century.
    I have no idea which party Besty Hodges belongs to, but her words here represent the best of the US. She speaks of the land that has welcomed destitute refugees from all over the globe, has offered hope to downtrodden victims of oppression, and has produced the most durable democracy on the planet. This is the country that I so much admire – the country that has served as a role model for so many young democracies, and given us so much. Of course there is much that is wrong with the US, but there is an awful lot right, too.
    I trust in the decency of ordinary Americans to do the right thing. Don’t elect this terrible man – he will undoubtedly be the worst president you have ever had.
    Don’t disappoint me, America. Vote for Hillary, even if it makes your stomach churn.