So, Donald Trump paid a visit to Minnesota today, which was odd and pointless. This state is pretty much a lock for Clinton, but he flew in, claiming that there’s going to be a surprising upset in the state. He drew a few thousand deplorables to cheer him on, like this fellow:


I don’t think that’s the kind of appeal that will work here, and it’s kind of delusional of him to think so.

He also spent a lot of his time raging about those horrible immigrants in Minnesota.

Trump charged that too many Somali immigrants were admitted with faulty vetting and later recruited by radical elements. “A Trump administration will not admit any refugees without the support of the local communities where they are being placed,” he said. “It’s the least they could do for you. You’ve suffered enough in Minnesota.”

We’ve suffered? Hang on there — we have a lot of Hmong and Somali immigrants here, and they don’t make us suffer. They’re good people. I’ve got a fair number of them in my classes, and they do as well as the third and fourth generation immigrants (like almost all of us) and as well as the native population. I don’t resent them at all, I’m glad to have them here…so what is this bullshit with a loud-mouthed New York millionaire tax-dodger flying in to tell us who belongs here and who doesn’t?

The person I’d like to kick out is a certain ranting orange thug. You know, the kind who encourages his fans to murder people.


  1. gmacs says

    I just don’t know what to say. I found it totally unremarkable that I went to school with a number of Hmong and Somali people. There were plenty of racist attitudes toward the Somali folks, but we’re not a state that like being painted as intolerant, so the message won’t fly.

  2. cartomancer says

    Back in first century Rome it was Greeks and Syrians, rather than Somalis and Hmong (and Syrians!). We’ve heard this kind of rhetoric many times before. It was old hat back then, to such an extent that Juvenal was already satirising the people who said it. I think his grumpy conservative Umbricius (a corruption of Drumphicius perhaps?) must have been one of Donald’s ancestors:

    That race most acceptable now to our wealthy Romans,
    That race I principally wish to flee, I’ll swiftly reveal,
    And without embarrassment. My friends, I can’t stand
    A Rome full of Greeks, yet few of the dregs are Greek!
    For the Syrian Orontes has long since polluted the Tiber,
    Bringing its language and customs, pipes and harp-strings,
    And even their native timbrels are dragged along too,
    And the girls forced to offer themselves in the Circus.
    Go there, if your taste’s a barbarous whore in a painted veil.
    See, Romulus, those rustics of yours wearing Greek slippers,
    Greek ointments, Greek prize medallions round their necks.
    He’s from the heights of Sicyon, and he’s from Amydon,
    From Andros, Samos, they come, from Tralles or Alabanda,
    Seeking the Esquiline and the Viminal, named from its willows.
    To become both the innards and masters of our great houses.
    Quick witted, of shamelessly audacity, ready of speech, more
    Lip than Isaeus, the rhetorician. Just say what you want them
    To be. They’ll bring you, in one person, whatever you need:
    The teacher of languages, orator, painter, geometer, trainer,
    Augur, rope-dancer, physician, magician, they know it all,
    Your hungry Greeks: tell them to buzz off to heaven, they’ll go.
    That’s why it was no Moroccan, Sarmatian, or man from Thrace
    Who donned wings, but one Daedalus, born in the heart of Athens.
    Should I not flee these people in purple? Should I watch them sign
    Ahead of me, then, and recline to eat on a better couch than mine,
    Men propelled to Rome by the wind, with the plums and the figs?
    Is it nothing that in my childhood I breathed the Aventine air,
    Is it nothing that in my youth I was nurtured on Sabine olives?

  3. taraskan says

    a loud-mouthed New York millionaire tax-dodger

    A correction! Loud-mouthed, yes, tax-dodger, yes, millionaire, unfortunately yes – but he’s no longer a New Yorker. We threw him out, officially. His current contracts with the city were reviewed, though for the most part indissolvable, but the city will not conduct any further business with him, and will actively seek to limit, stonewall, or deny any requests his organization makes regarding even existing deals. He can wallow in Jersey where he belongs.

    His city properties are even starting to get boycotted by some people once they find out he was the money behind them.

  4. says

    “Oh, what is this bullshit with a loud-mouthed New York millionaire tax-dodger flying in to tell us who belongs here and who doesn’t?”

    Status quote?

  5. Saganite, a haunter of demons says

    Why don’t these people just wear t-shirts with a burning constitution for a logo? They obviously hate the constitution and its principles. Well, except for the second amendment, of course, but everything else is optional to them.

  6. Jake Harban says

    @5: Would that really be more obvious than explicitly calling for the murder of journalists on principle?

  7. A. Noyd says

    I terrified some of my Japanese coworkers by showing them the picture of the shirt and explaining its implications. They are especially baffled at just how wrong America is getting it right now given the history of Japan’s constitution.

  8. rayceeya says

    Two things. First of all I can’t help picture myself reacting to this dude.

    ME: “Now, it’s going to sound like i’m accusing you of promoting a hate crime, but really I’m about to call you a dumb ass and accuse you of promoting a hate crime.”

    DUDE: “Huh?”

    ME: ‘In loud sing songy opera voice’ “A RACIST, A BIGGOT, A LITTLE DICK DOUCHE BAG”

    2nd thing,…

    We all know the real immigrant problem in Minnesota is from Canada. Specifically the sneaky Quebequa. Damn syrup suckers. I’d take a dozen Syrians over any one of ’em.

  9. Richard Smith says

    The guy wearing that shirt may find that, by repealing the first amendment like the top part suggests, assembly may be rather difficult.

    Then again, in the sort of environment that would result, that sort of assembly would be all too common, and encouraged.

  10. numerobis says


    the sneaky Quebequa. Damn syrup suckers

    Hahaha that’s really funny. Now go fuck yourself.


    The person I’d like to kick out is a certain ranting orange thug

    Good luck finding someone who would take him in.