Toxic masculinity is everywhere, and running for president

Joe Rogan dreams of being Billy Bush. Aim high, Joe, aim high! And now he’s found the ridiculously rich (but probably not as rich as he claims he is) presidential aspirant to leech off of and sycophantically praise for his raunchiness. It’s not Trump, though. It’s Dan Bilzerian.

If you’re like me, you said “who?”, but apparently Dan Bilzerian is huge on instagram, with millions of followers. His specialty is looking masculine while hanging out with expensive cars, big guns, and naked women. He’s filthy rich because he inherited huge sums from his criminal father, and, he says, from winning at poker. He sounds like a truly horrible person. Sadly, that seems to be a path to fame, and also sure enough, he is running for president of the US.

But Joe Rogan is even more pathetic. He did a three hour interview with Bilzerian in which he’s practically drooling over him and openly saying that he wants to be just like him. The sycophancy is gross.

I wasn’t able to cope with more than a few minutes of the interview, but someone wrote to me with an annotated breakdown of key moments. Thank you! I could not have made it through the whole thing, nor do I want to. So I’ll just put it all right here.

First Joe Rogan Defending Donald Trumps attack on the Miss Universe shaming her for being fat That’s not why I wrote you. It’s for the Podcast he did With Dan Bilzerian. This Is so bad, and yet no one has said anything against this monster. If you listen to nothing else just got to link 8. As a mother this broke my heart.

This is the perfect example of 2 white man, essentially promoting rape culture. People where surprised at Billy Bushes behavior, being the sycophant that he is. I was not surprised because as a woman I have seen the bro culture as it is now referred too my whole life. In a recent Joe Rogan podcast,
Joe talks a Dan Bilzerian who markets himself as a playboy He 40 million followers on intagram and facebook Notice all the groping in the photos.

The whole conversation they spend talking about women as objects being refereed to only as bitches and pussy.

1 Here is Joe Rogan emulating Billy Bush @20 second he calls woman bitches.

2 Here, Bilzerian refers to woman as pussy

3 Here again Bilzerian braging about sleeping with woman even though he didn’t want, and Joe Rogan doing he best interpretation as BIlly Bush.

4 Here they go on a long rant about woman being gold diggers. Women are almost always talked about in the context of being evil whores that want to steal rich guys money.

5 In Bilzerian calls someone a cocksucker
I see you often talk about Donald Trump, and wonder how he could become president. Here is you answer, this behavior is so normalized, that men like this look up to Trump. This and no one in the mainstream speaks up against this type of interaction. 50 Million people take these seriously.

6 They talk about fame and again women only being attracted to money. Listen to Joe refer to it as Balling. This is a 49 year old man

7 This is the saddest part. I genuinely feel sorry for his wife and daughters who one day will listen to this. Joe Rogan laments that he has a wife and kids. He says it as if his family are a burden. TO say this publicly is just monstrous. I would not be happy if my husband said this about me.

8 famous for being a baller, Joe loses his dignity here. Look at Bilzerian’s face here, even he feels awkward with Joe Rogans ass kissing.

If Bilzerian were at some point to get serious about running for the presidency (I don’t think he will, but I’d have said the same thing about Trump), the opposition research has already begun. I have to say though, that I don’t envy the people who have to go through the sludge of youtube and other media sources. It does help when you’ve got point sources like Rogan who revel in the slime.

Keep in mind, though, that there are millions of people who admire these two assholes.


  1. Nogbert says

    I learned a new word today, limacine.
    No prize for guessing the identity of the person being described.

  2. cartomancer says

    Are you sure it’s -arian, and not -harzia? We are talking about the parasitic worm disease right?

  3. averageatheist says

    I admit, I don’t listen to the Joe Rogan Podcast, but I occasionally watch the UFC and he seemed alright. I was kinda a fan. He often makes sense on treating Concussions, and for example fighting for fighters rights, such as calling for fighters not to do interviews after they have been knocked out. I guess I knew he was a bit of meathead, but this did make me lose respect for him. The over the top laughing was pretty sad. He was completely giddy about this guy. A kid in the candy story. He acted like he was talking to god. I honestly don’t know how to respond to this. I would never demean myself like this. What’s funny is that he talks about masculinity, but he completely emasculated himself. Why would you kiss ass like that when you don’t have to. It’s one thing if your job or livelihood depends on it, but Joe did this out of his own accord, to kiss this guys ass for no reason. Maybe he thinks he can get a free holiday out of this. What’s troubling is he legitimately seemed anguished about having a family. I don’t know, I don’t have a family yet, but to those that do maybe you know better than I do, but is that kind of resentment normal?


  4. anbheal says

    I remember the first season of LoveLine, and the single most entertaining episode of the young program was when Joe Rogan joined Adam Corolla and “Dr. Drew” to take calls from college students asking largely silly but sometimes serious sex questions. I remember sitting around with other thirty-something progressive men and women and howling in laughter at Adam and Joe quipping, with Drew being the occasional grown-up in the room. And now all three of them are just…..sooooo….awful. I wonder if we missed something, twenty years ago, and it was awful from the get-go? But it seemed so fun and light and frothy, making the sex jokes, with occasional Dr. Drew interruptions of weighty portent. It never felt like Howard Stern, but man alive, Corolla and Rogan have turned off-color jokes into some sort of weird Libertarian sexist philosophy, and all I can assume is they were assholes all along, who kept it under wraps until the coarsening of our political culture let them remove their filters and start flinging the chimp feces (apologies to chimps I may be offending).

  5. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    my only experience of Rogan was when he portrayed a character on the NewsRadio sitcom. As the techy who was always repairing all the glitches caused by the “amateurs”, who, by thinking skill at reporting can transfer to repairing things.
    Since then, he keeps making an arse of himself, giving interviews to wackos while listening credulously.
    so all I can say is bye bye Rogan, don’t let the door hit you on your ass on your way out,

  6. blf says

    I’ve never(?) heard of Joe Rogan, but he does have an entry in the Encyclopedia of American Loons (June-2014):

    #1078: Joe Rogan(?)
    [… H]is primary application for inclusion [in the Encyclopedia] is his endorsement of virtually the whole gamut of conspiracy theories […] Rogan seems to bring up his conspiracy nuttery at pretty much every and any possible opportunity.

    The moon landings? [He raised] some “tricky” issues for Phil Plait […]. And completely in line with the results from research on memory bias Rogan couldn’t remember at all what happened a few weeks later and — despite being utterly refuted and debunked — misconstrued the discussion so as to conclude that no one were able to answer his questions, which they rather evidently were.

    However, it counts strongly in Rogan’s favor that he has later apparently admitted that the moon landings were probably real. He hasn’t quite gotten there with regard to his beliefs that the U.S. government is behind 9/11, however […], or with conspiracies surrounding Area 51, or — in particular — the weird Project Blue Book conspiracy[! good grief, that’s an old, and odd, one –blf].

    There is no entry for (nor any mention of?) Dan Bilzerian.

  7. says

    Uh-oh. Ouch. Curiosity got the better of me and I looked at the Dan Bilzerian instagram and now I need something to get that bad taste out of my mouth. It is the epitome of toxic masculinity. I do not mind nudity, erotic art or simple porn, but on that page it was clear that the women are there to only underline his macho status and nothing else. Those pictures were about as titilating as photos from a furniture shop – and furniture is what the women were in essence reduced to in them. Then of course comes the mix of adrenaline sports and, surprise surprise, guns, guns, guns and GUNS and ammo, sometimes held in heroic Rambo-esque pose.

    I have not seen better example of toxic masculinity in my life. It is nauseating.

  8. lotharloo says

    They both sound like complete assclowns. I think the saddest part of the story is the fact that he has millions of pathetic little men following him, although when you think about it, 19m is not that many, specially when you consider that the stuff that he posts are like magnets for pathetic little men.

  9. anchor says

    “Keep in mind, though, that there are millions of people who admire these two assholes.”

    THAT is the problem.

    But then we live in a culture that cultivates the production, care and nurturing of assholes as if it was an indispensable and requisite cottage industry.

    How else would manufacturing and service industries justify the potency of their advertisements? Because the validity of their claims should be readily accepted by a strong independent-minded and skeptical target audience that isn’t drowning in a flood of bullshit?

    There’s a another thing that ever continues to be glossed over: when will religion ever take ‘credit’ for how competent they have been in culturing our culture according to their ethical and moral principles? One might almost think they too have a powerful financial stake in keeping people ignorant enough to require their constant assistance.

    You know. The Mother Theresa gambit.

  10. says

    Another example of why Rogan should be gagged in public unless he’s discussing mixed martial arts, and even there he should probably have a 10 second delay imposed in case he starts to say something stupid.

  11. tonyatkinson says

    Chigau #16

    …And now I am being scored 1/10

    Not only have I lost faith in humanity, but they have lost faith in me .

    Nor do they appreciate hyperbole

  12. richardemmanuel says

    Not sure how the sponsored ads work, but I think they might have a touch of toxic masculinity…

  13. says

    What the hell is going on over there? Has 44% of the USA completely lost their marbles? How can anybody actually put into a public forum these misogynistic comments and not expect to be held to account for them.
    Frankly I have no idea who these nonentities are and care about as much, but the devastatingly evil president set by the synonym for a fart worries me if he ever gets on the world stage. I don’t think, from the massive sample of people I have talked about this, i.e. about 5, all seem to think that the reputation of the USA hit rock bottom electing Bush minor, but Trump? No, no for god’s sake NO!