Kim Stanley Robinson gets it

This is a fine interview with the environmentalist science fiction author. He makes the point strongly that we humans are inseparable from the world around us and that there is an emerging sensibility that argues for the importance of reconciling ourselves with the planet, and vice versa. It’s well worth a half hour of your time.


  1. brett says

    KSR’s my favorite thoughtful science fiction author. The segments on climate change were especially good – as long as we avoid extinctions and don’t collapse during the first food panic*, we can maybe bounce back. And there’s no question about humans managing the environment of the Earth, because we’ve been doing this for millennia, and because there’s no separation between humans and nature.

    * I guess we’ve had this before, though – the 2007-2008 Food Price Crisis. And food riots in cities in the pre-modern era were common, to the point where there were patterns to them.