Field scientists get all the fun

Here’s a series of illustrations of funny mistakes by scientists.

​Jim Jourdane

​Jim Jourdane

They all seem to be about awkward things that occurred while doing field work, and I’m feeling left out. I sit in a lab with air conditioning and fluorescent lights, staring into a microscope. Nothing amusing ever happens to me.

Maybe I need to bring in a few crocodiles or let a troop of monkeys loose.


  1. congenital cynic says

    Those are pretty funny, and I like the drawing style. Favourite one was the finding the drug running heli pad. Sheesh.

  2. says

    Mine was going comet watching with my binoculars at the highest, and darkest spot in my suburb. I forgot that it was the local parking spot for canoodling couples until someone angrily reminded me. What kind of pervert watches comets anyway?

  3. latsot says

    It’s a damn good job we computer scientists don’t do field trips.

    Because none of your stuff would work.

  4. Intaglio says

    Maybe I need to bring in a few crocodiles or let a troop of monkeys loose

    Have you no Emeritus English Professors? no 2nd Year undergrads?

  5. robro says

    latsot — None of our damn stuff works. I think it’s that mid-day field work at the local pub. What’s your theory?

  6. blf says

    Poopyhead is, of course, dissembling, failing to mention his frequent trips to the disguised undersea secret hollowed-out volcanoes, where there are things growing in the vats…