Support a criminal!

James Croft is looking for assistance to cope with his own life choices.

  • He chose to be a humanist.

  • He chose to speak out loudly about that.

  • He chose to join a protest against police brutality in St Louis.

  • He chose to try and record an instance of police beating a protester.

  • He chose to get arrested…oh, wait, no. He didn’t choose. The police chose to arrest him for daring to document their actions.

And now he’s e-begging to get money to cover his court costs and support his criminal lifestyle. Do you want to encourage that sort of thing? Then yes, you should give him cold hard cash and make yourself a co-conspirator, an accomplice, no less.


  1. wzrd1 says

    I’d love to help out, but money, I ain’t got, but bullets I got. As they’re bullets and not loaded cartridges, even better.
    Anyone got a slingshot?
    Or even better, a good arm? Toss them by the handful. I stopped reloading ages ago.

    No, that’d be making a terroristic threat and get the thrower shot.
    I do have nearly as many memory cards to record the bastards during their unlawful actions, low on spare cameras though.

    Maybe I can melt those bullets down, retrieve the lead and make fishing weights, which I’d then encase in plastic. Keep the lead from the environment, while enabling fishing for catfish. :)
    I’ll inventory my spare memory cards and provide a list to any wanting to use them to document unlawful lawless enforcement activities.
    Because, those $35 specialist copays, plus prescription copays are really adding up and I’m honestly tapped out. A massive $4 to my name.

  2. beardymcviking says

    Sounds like a top bloke.

    It’s not a lot, but I’ve chipped in the price of a pint. Get enough beer-money together and he might not be out of pocket just for standing up for what’s right.