1. joel says

    From the Wikipedia article on Iliamna, Alaska:

    “At present, Iliamna faces the prospect of developing into a mining town, as several multi-national companies have plans to develop the area north west of the village into one of North America’s largest gold-copper-molybdenum mines. The first company to submit plans to the State of Alaska is Northern Dynasty Minerals, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hunter Dickinson. The Lake and Peninsula Borough, the governing body for the region, passed a strong resolution in support of the development of the mine, but the majority of the surrounding villages adamantly oppose the development. Two non-profit organizations are heading up the fight against open-pit mining in the Bristol Bay watershed – the Bristol Bay Alliance and the Renewable Resources Coalition.”

  2. Alverant says

    I went to Alaska in 92. There was a drainage stream near the hotel were were staying at in Scagway. The salmon had filled this creek two or three across. I felt like I could have reached in and grabbed one.

  3. says

    There is legitimate concern to UAVs… yadda yadda yadda… But I really appreciate beautiful and truthful videos such as this, produced almost exclusively with UAV footage. They show us a reality that we could not otherwise experience. I’ve been a pilot, and ‘love to look down’.

  4. Bruce Keeler says

    If heaven is full of mosquitos, sure.

    And those fish look they’re spawning, i.e. way past their prime.

  5. JohnnieCanuck says

    Only if their prime reason for existing is to be caught and eaten by a human.

    They are at one point in their cycle of life, near the end of their individual existence, but just about to set the stage for their offspring to continue on.