Anti-Caturday post

I haven’t done one of these in a while, largely because a) that Caturday nonsense has faded, and b) everyone now knows that cats are both wicked and full of derp, so it’s redundant. But this morning I stumbled across a fine collection of photos of cats the slaves to toxoplasmosis won’t enjoy, so I thought I’d share an example.


I laughed and laughed. I thought about showing it to our cat, but I was afraid I’d get clawed.

Don’t tell our cat I mentioned this. Please don’t. Help us. She’s in our house right now. Gotta go. She’s watching me.


  1. luoanlai says

    No one needs to tell her.

    She already knows. She knows everything. She’s a cat.

    You’re doomed. Run. Run now. As fast as you can and don’t look back.

  2. blf says

    This sounds like a case for Trébuchetpenguin! She’ll fly right over as soon as she finishes downloading a map about the local cheeses: All the cheese shops, shoppes, mines, plantations, dirigibles, and migration routes. Just the basics, since you’re probably in a hurry to read and grade the student’s lab reports. She should arrive soon (listen for the sonic booms accompanied by the smell of herring) with a suitable collection of trebuchets. The cat can then be given flying lessons, albeit Trébuchetpenguin usually recommends that, for the first few launches, to limit the range and go no further than the Moon. Break the cat gently.
    (Hurried whispers with the mildly deranged penguin.)
    Uh, sorry, that should be break the cat in gently…

  3. says

    Some of those are hillarious (the sample given by PZ perhaps the best), but some make me cringe about the person who thought more about making a photo than about helping the poor animal.

  4. blf says

    The cat is the ammo. Therefore it should not be part of the flinging machine. Otherwise you’d only have apult left. Which, admittedly is a bit useful for when yer head, desk, banging on, breaks the Pult and you need a new one.

  5. numerobis says

    Just last night we were catching up with a friend, who mentioned the awful story of her cat’s death. It was #16 on that page: the cat got caught in the window, and every move just brought it squeezed tighter. She found the cat alive, but barely; the internal injuries were too severe.

  6. Trebuchet says

    As a cat, trebuchet, and onager fancier, I resemble some of these remarks!

    I saw the one in the blinds and immediately picked up the adjacent cat, held her in front of the screen, and said “See, that’s what’ll happen if you keep trying to get in the blinds.”

  7. dick says

    That reminds me of the time I visited a house, & the owners had just got back from vacation. The weather was horrible, & the dog had been put outside in the rain, no doubt because it had been behaving like a dog, & the owners had to get on with unpacking. I was in the living room, & the dog was jumping up at the window. Meanwhile, the smug-looking cat was patrolling back & forth along the top of the sofa, in full view of the dog.

    Well, the average cat has almost twice as many neurons in its cerebral cortex as does the average dog.