This shall be a sex-positive mythos

Unspeakable, soul-shattering sexiness below the fold. Beware — only click through if your mind can resist the madness. Although no mind can.


  1. azhael says

    No wonder the vibrating rubber starspawn is the best seller, look at those sexy tentacles…and that forehead….oh…..

  2. Rick Pikul says

    I don’t know about eBay, but I think I’ve seen a couple of them at Bad Dragon.

  3. rcs says

    I saw Smoggy’s secret shop at first instead of Shubby’s secret shop and it made me miss Smoggy Batzrubble.

  4. 2kittehs says

    I looked at the Ubbo Instant Sex Slaves and thought, look at those eyes – this has got to be from Unspeakable Vault of Doom. :D