A busy day

Somewhere in the midst of my usual Monday swirl of work, I’ll be making time for a few events with a visiting scholar: Peter Agre, Nobel Laureate, is spending the day at UMM. He’ll be giving a couple of open lectures: at 10:30, he’ll be telling us about aquaporins, and at 7 he’ll be giving a less technical lecture on science education. Maybe I’ll see you there!


  1. Mobius says

    That is one of the things I really miss about being around a university, the very interesting speakers one meets.

    I recall one of the Skylab astronauts, who had graduated from our department years before, coming to speak at the university. He came to our afternoon tea, a daily event in our department’s lounge, and getting to talk to him for about an hour. Sensational!

    His talk, too, was on science education.

    And he was just one of many. Some I got to meet and speak with personally. Some I just got to go listen to their talks. But the exposure to their ideas was a great experience. Universities are wonderful places.

  2. A. R says

    I met his co-recipient Roderick Mackinnon at a conference last year. One of the most interesting five minute conversations of my life. His Nobel speech was similarly excellent, and I highly recommend it.