I haven’t forgotten you!

I’m in Oxford, nicely ensconced in as 15th century stone tower, but having great difficulty finding a reliable, easy-to-access wireless signal, so connection is intermittent and usually when I’m trying to have breakfast.

Also, busy.


  1. madtom1999 says

    They had wireless in the 15thC but stone buildings and damp thatch put paid to it.

  2. says

    Eduroam is pretty widespread in/near university buildings. Tends to bleed into nearby cafes and so on. If UMM gave you an account you’re in luck.

  3. duncanbooth says

    Alternatively The Cloud will give you free access in or near lots of pubs and cafes (you have to sign up before the first use but it does work and in most locations it is free). Or buy a local SIM card for your phone (assuming you have a suitable phone that supports tethering).

  4. cartomancer says

    The King’s Arms on the corner of Parks Road, Broad Street and Holywell Street definitely has free Wifi. Though it’s one of the more expensive pubs in the city, given its prime location. They do nice food though – or at least they did a few years back before I left the city.

    Or you could just use 15th century technology and round up a gang of peasant children to carry messages for you. That’s what I used to do…

  5. katybe says

    Costa coffee shops also generally do free wifi, without the need to hand over money to McDonalds, and there’s bound to be several branches in Oxford.

  6. bassmike says

    My University has a ‘Guest’ WIFI system that allows visitors to access the internet. However, the campus is not made up of 15th Century buildings, so it way be easier to provide coverage here.

  7. duncanbooth says

    I think we have three main public Wifi networks. BT-Fon is free only for BT customers (though some venues using it may also offer free wifi); O2 Wifi is free (registration required) and is the network used by Costa and McDonalds and many others; The Cloud is also free (registration required) and is the network used by Pret-a-manger, Eat, Ask, WHSmith and so on. Pubs and cafes that don’t run their own wifi generally use one of these three.

    The Cloud hotspots: http://www.hotspotfinder.thecloud.net/
    O2 Wifi hotspots: https://www.o2wifi.co.uk/hotspot

    Both of these have dozens of hotspots within the Oxford city centre so pick a venue go along and sign up. If you want to try bookshops then Blackwells bookshop cafe is The Cloud, Waterstones cafe I think is now running their own free wifi rather than one of the networks.

  8. blf says

    [I’m] having great difficulty finding a reliable, easy-to-access wireless signal

    And this is a problem because……… ?

  9. twas brillig (stevem) says

    Starbucks is everywhere! and they all have free wifi! Totes true! All spelled out in that documentary, “The World’s End”, by Simon Pegg (in England even). He even verbifies it: “starbucking”. Starbucks would be totes important in a college town, just follow the crowds of undergrads.