Today is my birfday!

I had such plans, such grand plans for today. We’re on spring break, and I am 100% caught up on my grading, so I have no obligations hanging over me. I had a list in my head:

  • Pancakes!

  • A little writing, off and on, on my big super secret project.

  • Build a model airplane. My daughter got me one as a souvenir of her trip to Japan, and my first thought was, “I haven’t built one of these since I was a teenager, 30 years ago”…and then I had to recalculate. 40 years ago. 40. So I was going to aggressively regress to a spotty gangling teen nerd today.

  • Cosmos on the TV tonight!

Doesn’t that sound relaxing? But no, instead I have come down with the Mother of All Colds, and I am hacking and weezing and got little sleep and am feeling miserable.

So plans…revised.

  • Sit.

  • Ooze slime from cranial orifices.

  • Hot tea.

  • Archer season 4 on NetFlix.

  • Hope I’m conscious for Cosmos.

Thst’ll have to do. Maybe later this week I’ll have my party, belatedly, once I finish destroying this virus.


  1. ebotebo says

    Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well, especially on your Birfday. So………lots of fluids, ASA, in hopes you’re feeling up to watching Cosmos tonight. Oh, and Happiest of Happy, Happy Birthdays to you P.Z.!

  2. Nick Gotts says

    Well, at least people can economize and send you Happy Birthday+Get Well Soon wishes!

    Happy Birthday!
    Get Well Soon!

  3. opposablethumbs says

    Not fair! Hope you kick the virus soon, PZ, and if you can’t enjoy the day today hope you have a suitable celebration as soon as you’re well.

    Happy birthday to you anyway (and also to me, since it’s mine today too :-) ).

  4. says

    Yeah, if you have the thing that’s going around, you’ll end up with a chesty cough. You’ll be functional in a couple of days but it took me two weeks to get rid of the cough. Unpleasant but survivable. I recommend ginger tea — chop up some fresh ginger and boil the shit out of it, then add lemon.

  5. says

    Viruses are DDOS attacks on humans—and Tentacly Overlords, unfortunately. I blame the patriarchy.

    I’m throwing my annual PZ birthday bash today anyway. My Carl Sagan Pale Blue Martinis (Grey Goose vodka, Blue Curacao, fresh lime juice, twist) seem appropriate for this occasion. Remember, kids: alcohol kills germs!

    Cheers to your rapidly improving health PZ. And congratulations on yet another successful orbit around our sun.

  6. Trebuchet says

    I have it on good authority that alcohol kill germs. And relieves symptoms, depending on how you use it.

  7. Marie the Bookwyrm says

    Oh, hey! You have the exact same birthday as my younger sister! (Year, as well as month & day) Sorry you’re under the weather. Maybe if you nap during the day you’ll be able to stay up for Cosmos. Have a Happy anyway!

  8. Tik Taalik says

    On the bright side, your cold might keep you from inhaling the model airplane glue fumes. Hope you enjoy some of the day even with all the mucus. Take care !

  9. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Happy birfday PZ. If you need some grog, let me know.

  10. boadinum says

    Have the happiest of 57ths, PZ! If you rest up a bit before Cosmos the free-flowing Reason should unclog your orifices.

  11. thomas21 says

    Happy birthday! it sucks that your sick, well at least archer is pretty excellent.

  12. David Marjanović says

    I second the recommendation of ginger tea for sore throats and upper respiratory tracts in general.

  13. Sastra says

    Happy birthday! And I’m still a month older than you, so don’t go taking on airs.

    Being sick on your birthday and being forced to lie around aimlessly is still better than being sick on your birthday and having to do a dozen important things you didn’t want to do in the first place.

    Could be worse. Could be snowing.

  14. Robbie Taylor says

    Happy Birthday, good luck battling that pesky virus, and be sure to RECORD Cosmos in case you’re not conscious!

  15. frankb says

    Happy Birthday, PZ. My son’s birthday is today too, and he is also sick with a cold. With your Trophy Wife sharing the same birthday with me the similarities are striking.

  16. Kroos Control says

    Get well soon, PZ! And happy birthday. I wouldn’t worry too much about watching cosmos. The universe made DVR for a reason.

  17. Randomfactor says

    You mean you didn’t like the present I sent you? What better gift for a biologist than his very own Virus Garden?

    Get better soon…

  18. mikeyb says

    Happy Bday!

    Yes I greatly ook forward to Cosmos, not sure why Fox picked it up, do they know that they are essentially airing godless atheism to their right wing Ted Nugent loving trolls. Not sure about Archer, too much cussing and sex, not good for upholding puritan values.

  19. greg hilliard says

    Happy birthday! Save the model airplane for when you can smell the glue. Just don’t do it like my younger brother, Billy, did. One time as we built models, his eyes rolled back in his head and he fell to the floor in his chair. He had passed out from the glue. Fun times!

  20. says

    Giant virus news:

    […]Scientists have now identified yet another giant virus, this time using a technique that sounds like it’s straight out of a sci-fi horror flick: they thawed some 30,000-year-old permafrost and allowed any viruses present to infect some cells. Fortunately, the cells were amoebas, and this virus is overwhelmingly unlikely to present a threat to human health. But the fact that viruses could apparently survive so many centuries in the Siberian permafrost does lead the authors to suggest that the melting Arctic may pose an emerging disease risk. […]


    PZ has been traveling a lot, maybe even to the melting Arctic?

  21. Jackie, all dressed in black says

    We almost share a birthday. I had mine yesterday. Happy birthday PZ! Sounds like you are living it up.

  22. drken says

    Happy Birthday,

    It’s my brother’s birthday too. Sorry you have to spend it sick. It’s also too bad daylight savings took an hour off of it. If you want, you can claim March 10th, midnight to 1am for your birthday as compensation.

  23. magistramarla says

    Happy Birthday!
    Sorry that you have that cold, but it sounds like a good excuse to sip hot toddies and relax in front of the TV/computer screen today.

  24. Dick the Damned says

    Happy birthday.

    Get well soon.

    Ummm, what is your big super secret project? (I can’t believe no one else has cared enough to ask, eh.)

  25. Athywren says

    Happy birfday! Hope it doesn’t become a barfday…
    Now, remember, slimes and oozes are vulnerable to fire and cold, so find a cryoblaster or a bright wizard and keep them handy, just in case – it may be worth sending a blast into your sinal cavities every now and then… don’t bother snorting acid, because they’re immune. Get well soon… and make sure to keep a cleric on standby to deal with the burns.

  26. markr1957 says

    Happy birthday. I always found that equal amounts of whisky and Green’s Ginger Wine makes me completely forget…. something or other. I don’t think it cures colds but after a couple I don’t care about anything at all.

  27. Louis says

    Merry Birthmas!

    Do not drink as much as I have due to England beating Wales in the rugby.


  28. catlover says

    Happy completion of your 57th trip around the sun, fellow earlthling, Your Tentacleness!!!
    SO sorry you got sick on your special day — that is a real bummer! Go kick those viruses’ butts with some ginger tea, as recommended by others, stay warm, and get well soon.

    (I’m not the only one wondering what this super-secret book is all about. When are you going to tell us all about it?)

  29. says

    Happy b’day, youngster! And I third that ginger tea suggestion. It may not cure, but it sure makes you feel better.

  30. badgersdaughter says

    I’ll take that ginger tea suggestion and raise it to tom yum goong. Which I am enjoying today along with a cortisone shot, an albuterol inhaler, a course of Levaquel, and bronchial pneumonia that I thought was sister to your Mother of All Colds.

    As someone with a heart concern, PZ, please don’t take it lightly if you get a chest cold that lasts longer than it should.

  31. atheistblog says

    Live long and live happy by giving up Naive Ethnography Realism and Ethnocentrism.

  32. Lofty says

    Happy 20818th spin around the axis, may you survive the virus to enjoy many more happy days.

  33. Ray, rude-ass yankee says

    Happy Birfday PZ! & Get well soon.
    When will you be able to let us in on the “big super secret project”
    What kind of plane model did you get? I think the last one I built was an SR-71.

    badgersdaughter@54, Wouldn’t that be the Aunt of All Colds?

    Also, Birthday wishes to any and all what rates ’em.

  34. lorn says

    Since Friday I’ve had the worse cold I’ve had in a long time. I feel your snotty, wheezing, congested, out of sorts pain.

    Sleep in a few extra hours before Cosmos, otherwise you will fall asleep. It happens to me a lot when I’m sick. I really, really want to watch something but ten minutes in I lose power, a larger problem back in the day. Fortunately we have recording devices and on-line videos.

    You are a little old, possibly a bit wiser, but certainly you are a survivor. Congratulations.

    Push fluids, and sleep through as much of it as you can.

  35. keresthanatos says

    Happy Happy Joy Joy…..except for that cold virus part… get better. You are a light in this otherwise dark world. May you experience many more orbital anniversaries.

  36. JohnnieCanuck says

    Happy Birthday to you on your Special Day. You and approximately 7,218,456,748 / 365.24219 = 19,763,480.08 other people.

    I say approximately, because I expect there must be seasonal variations in conception rates.

  37. rorschach says

    Looks to me that someone didn’t have their flu shot!
    Happy Birthday PZ, get better soon!

  38. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Got Cosmos, the Next Generation *snark* already to record in HD. Wonder if PZ will live blog.

  39. Goodbye Enemy Janine says

    Hey! A Patricia sighting1

    Hi Patricia!

    Also, happy birthday PZ, even if your body is rebelling against you.

  40. Alverant says

    Watching Cosmos now and wondering why a commercial for that Noah movie was placed during it. At least it was during a part where the show was talking about christian persecution (that’s christians persecuting people not being “persecuted” today).

  41. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Hey! A Patricia sighting1

    No wonder the Pullet Patrol has been preoccupied.
    Hi Patricia. The saloon is still solvent despite the best efforts of your Pullets.

  42. mykroft says

    Laetus dies natalis! Just watched Cosmos. I’m sure that the God patrol will go ballistic, since it pointedly gave an example of the religious persecuting someone with a contrary view.

    As for the cold, I recommend some Dewars and caramel Bailey’s coffee creamer. Very smooth. Had some a while ago and feel nicely anesthetized. Excellent way to celebrate some intelligent television.

  43. Dana Hunter says

    Happy belated birthday, o tentacled one! I am confident you will defeat these annoying but ultimately pathetic land-based viruses.

    Does the plane have tentacles? I mean, I know they generally don’t, but it *did* come from Japan…

  44. Desert Son, OM says


    Sorry to have missed this post on your birthday. Four days late, but happy belated birthday, and I join many others in hoping you feel better!

    Thanks again for all the years, the hard work, the community hosting, and the continuing education.

    Still learning,