1. says

    One of my friends had trouble grading his students’ portfolios of English papers. He was at the hospital while his wife was going through a C-section with their first child. He claims he beat the grade deadline by almost two hours! (Mother and daughter doing fine; father kind of wigged out.)

  2. ChasCPeterson says

    I blew the deadline once and had to fill out 120 change-of-grade forms. Paper ones.Names, student numbers, course codes and numbers…ugh. (My Chair was pretty unhappy about just having to sign all of them.)

  3. Cuttlefish says

    I beat the deadline by 22 minutes. Alas, the deadline was last Friday. It used to be after squidmas, but Cuttlefish U. got all computerized and such. I could have used the extra time.

  4. says

    Once, back when we had to fill out paper forms and turn them in, I turned my grades in to a department secretary who was supposed to collect them. She later turned them in, but was mistaken about what the deadline was, so she missed it. So the grades that our university mailed to all the students were “X”.

    Whereupon many of them called me up in my office and said “I see I did poorly on this course ,.. is there a way I can make this up somehow?” I had to calm each of them down and tell them that everyone got an X, that this did not reflect their performance in the course, and that the real grades would come later.

  5. ChasCPeterson says

    does it get easier, the grading?

    PZ can answer for himself, but for me, no. Just the opposite. It got more and more torturous until it finally drove me from the profession. (Of course, now I’m unemployed and, dog help me, trying to get back in, but that’s another story.)

  6. carlie says

    You just now had deadline? Ours is the Tuesday noon right after finals week, and the registrar keeps trying to sneak it back to Monday noon and we keep having to mount a revolution against it just so we have slightly more than one weekend to work on them.

    Thinking about spring semester already makes me want to cry.

  7. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin suggests using her method of grading: Count the number of penguin-sized and -shaped holes in the walls of the fromagerie.

    (Looks at the above paragraph for a minute…)

    Um, excuse me, I need to explain a few things to her. First, whilst penguin-holes in the wall are like a star-rating system, that isn’t how she grades the cheeses inside. And second, poopyhead is grading students, not cheese.

    Ok, ok, so there is not much difference between yer typical university student and a cheese: Both are smelly, come in many shapes and sizes, and age in different ways. But students, on the whole, are not as edible.

  8. A. R says

    I only had one lab course, so I managed to beat the deadline by two weeks. Of course, being a freshman biology lab, I unfortunately had plenty of opportunity to use my Gandalf “YOU… SHAL NOT… PASS!!!” stamp.

  9. prfesser says

    Our deadline is already Monday after finals. 10 am for some FSMforsaken reason.

    And as for spring semester making one want to cry…join the club. :-(

    Let us all commiserate this evening over your favorite dirty brown liquor.
    Raise a glass to spring semester, may it eventually end too, and soon…

    “Damn, it’s such a great place when the students are gone!”

  10. ChasCPeterson says

    the grades that our university mailed to all the students

    The waiting was the hardest part.