1. IslandBrewer says

    Careful, PZ! You may succumb to the adorabilityness of teh kittehs! One incidental kitten in a cute video leads to cat videos. It’s a slippery gateway slope drug.

  2. oaksterdam says

    GC called it “the best thing evar’ which I always doubt. There have been so many “best thing evar’s, ya know? But I was wrong. A-fucking-dorable and yes, the best thing evar. I less than three this so very much.

    My kitten, on the other hand, was all ‘meh’.

  3. Yellow Thursday says

    I saw this when Greta shared it on Facebook. It is so adorable. I wanted to dedicate it to my husband, except, you know, it doesn’t quite fit. ;P

  4. Jacob Schmidt says

    It was cute. Then the cat got involved. I need a new word for cute, now. “Cute” isn’t nearly enough.

    Aside, why do we consider emoticons nerdy? The people that like to use them in my life definitely aren’t nerds. Is it the association emoticons have with computers?

  5. says

    Anyone who gets a chance to see DeAnne Smith’s stand up comedy act should grab it. She’s a fan favourite at Australian comedy festivals for a reason.

  6. says

    Jacob Schmidt, #7

    Is it the association emoticons have with computers?

    It may not be the emoticon as itself but the fact that a nerd would more easily get the “pun”, or the way to say it… You have to know its about an emoticon… I guess ! ;)

  7. bittys says

    If I were to suggest to a lady that I was chatting up that I would need to be an archaeologist to make a guess as to her age, I don’t imagine the rest of the evening would proceed particularly well

  8. pacal says

    Song was finny but then the UTTERLY, CUTE, ADORABLE, FUZZY, HUGABLE, SWEET KITTY got involved sending this to positively stratospheric levels of mushyness that no man or kitty has ever reached before and my dark, cold cynical heart is now a puree of sentimentality and AAAAAAWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

  9. Gregory Greenwood says

    Teh impossibly cute little guitar-playing kitteh! My day is officially made.

    ‘Tis more kitteh-shaped cuteness than any semi-sapient ape deserves.

  10. Gregory Greenwood says

    The song is great geeky fun, but teh antics of the kitteh elevates it to a whole new level.

    Now, intellectually I know that the kitteh is not actually playing the instrument. The adorably nerdy human is. But while I know this rationally, that does nothing to stop the cuteness-sensitive portions of my brain drowning everything out with an overwhelming sentiment of “ZOMG teh cute kitteh playing teh guitar! Teh cutest thing EVAH!!!”

    Somethings simply cannot be resisted. Kittehs are like tiny, loveable, fluffy Borg that way…

  11. Lofty says

    Even a crusty ol varmit like me had to smile at that. Nerds and kits are hot and cool all at the same time.

  12. Trebuchet says

    Kittens playing ukuleles! Wait — was there a human in there somewhere as well?

  13. PDX_Greg says

    Wow, that totally left a colon dash close bracket on my face. And that sounds really unpleasant, even to me, but its not.

  14. Wowbagger, Designated Snarker says

    DeAnne Smith is fucking awesome. Always try and catch her standup gigs when she’s in town – as should any asshole who goes around saying ‘women aren’t funny’. She’s an absolute riot.

  15. says

    I was wondering where you were on this thread, Wowbagger! Yes, her silly ukelele songs are just to disarm the audience so they lay helpless before her devastating array of precision-constructed routines.

  16. Brother Yam says

    …and here I was having a perfectly rotten day until the nerdy girl and her adorkable kitten ruined it for me.

    Thank you (sorta, I did have a good grump goin’ on)

  17. randay says

    Number 1 Islandbrewer is right. Gotta like the song, but the cat definitely lowered its impact.

  18. ChasCPeterson says

    hey, she knows the same 4 uke chords that I do.
    (that’s C-Am-F-G)

    (but what’s w/ the bowtie? And that haircut? And that li’l felid?)

  19. Gregory Greenwood says

    Rip Steakface @ 17;

    Gregory, that’s not a guitar. That’s a ukelele.

    You are absolutely right; it is indeed the favourite instrument of George Formby, though in this instance with less references to window cleaning

    My only excuse is that the unbearable levels of kitteh-related cute-itude temporarily scrambled my brain, but I’m sure I will recover shortl… oh-look-teh-cute-little-kitteh!!!

  20. Sili says

    (but what’s w/ the bowtie? And that haircut? And that li’l felid?)

    It’s nerdy.

    The prescriptivism was nicely subverted before my bloodpressure rose again.

  21. Furr-a-Bruin says

    This video demonstrates top-quality Kittening.

    As such, I’m gobsmacked that PZ would post it. Has someone appropriated his site credentials?!

    Or could it be that his beardedness has finally resulted in some empathy with other Beings of Fur?

  22. says


    I’m gobsmacked that PZ would post it. Has someone appropriated his site credentials?!

    I was nowhere near the place.

  23. magistramarla says

    PZ has finally realized what is right and true in this world.
    Kitties are the smartest and cutest fur-babies and they will take over the world!

  24. trwestbrook says

    OK, massively cute, kitten and all, but if one is going to delve into the further/farther (let alone furthur) differences, using factiod rather than factlet for a small or inconsequential fact is……I guess it is something only a pedantic ass like myself would quibble over. Hah. OK just massivley cute.

  25. David Marjanović says

    Kitties are the smartest and cutest fur-babies and they will take over the world!

    You have a dog as your avatar.

    Servest thou two masters!?!

  26. tnt666 says

    I saw DeAnne Smith last year in Whitehorse, Yukon. She was loads of atheist fun. She may be one of Canada’s most interesting in the news atheists. Real glad the rest of the world is getting to know her.