1. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    Jeez. Those live-action dragon flies made with Lima bean bodies that kept going on & on about how Jiang Qing got such a raw deal and that if I want the Great Leap Forward to be a success I’ve got to plead with the gods of the dead to consider her case de novo and not concede that mortals are the triers of fact and thus the Gang-of-Four trial’s findings are unreviewable without a show that the findings are so clearly contrary to the available evidence that the findings themselves constitute a threat to the reputation of justice.

    Those things were weird.

  2. Rawnaeris, Lulu Cthulhu says

    I don’t even….What the fuck did I just watch?!

    /aside, they butchered my instrument at the end :( I <3 my clarinet.

  3. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    I hear this totally syncs up with side one of “Piper At The Gates of Dawn,” man.


  4. pinkey says

    Over on

    This is actually really deep. Look:

    1.) Right before the notebook puppet told the other puppets to write
    “creative colors” she showed them a board with a wheel of colors;
    green wasn’t on that board, and when one of the puppets wanted to use
    green, the notebook puppet IMMEDIATELY said “No, Green is NOT a
    creative color.”

    2.) When the notebook puppet told the others to look out the window
    and look “creatively,” they couldn’t see anything. THEN the notebook
    puppet put some monocles over HER OWN ONE EYE, and everyone could
    suddenly “see” what the notebook wanted them to see, through the
    perspective of the notebook and her one eye.

    3.) When one of the puppets actually created something really nice and
    ORIGINAL and creative–the picture of the clown–the notebook puppet
    had black ink smeared on the picture to obliterate it.

    4.) When things truly got scary, the facade melted away, the kitchen
    with the tables and the puppets were zoomed out and you could see a
    hollywood movie set encompassing the kitchen, indicating this is all
    manufactured by hollywood…ie the indoctrinating media.

    5.) Then, as you can see, the puppets started eating the brains and
    the heart, telling you that the children’s creativity and emotions are
    being taken by the media, “gobbled up.” Basically, the message is
    supposed to be tragically ironic, because the light-hearted facade
    hides the sinister plot; on the outside, it looks like they’re
    encouraging children to be “creative,” so the mood, songs, and
    atmosphere is innocent and childlike…but the makers of this sketch
    are trying to tell you that there’s something HIDDEN beneath the
    friendly facade, a dark, evil purpose, which is why the innocence
    melts away and all you get is puppets eating brains and hearts and the
    music turns dark. Even your emotions are manipulated; you feel
    light-hearted at first, and then you feel fear as the evil is exposed
    underneath the light. THIS is the nature of children’s cartoons; the
    dark beneath the light.

    Don’t you see? This is the perfect metaphor for how our children are
    being conditioned by cartoons and children’s shows [and commercials,
    too] to think a certain way, view things a certain way, AND EVEN OUR
    “teach” children to be creative, but in actuality, they’re teaching
    our children to be…puppets.

  5. carpenterman says

    Seriously… what was up with pouring the black paint on the yellow dude’s clown painting? Not cool.
    And why isn’t green a creative color?
    I’m sure if I watched that thing again I would have a lot more questions. But I’m never doing that again.
    Or sleeping. I probably won’t be doing much of that anymore, either.

  6. evilDoug says

    In the words of Arlo Guthrie, “That was horrible!”

    If they knocked the background noise down by a couple of Bels and didn’t mumble, it would be much improved. There are some pretty good bits of snark against arbiters of what constitutes creativity in there, though I’m not entirely convinced they are intended to be snark.

  7. brianpansky says

    @pinkey #5

    ya i can see that, but when i watched it, i sorta thought that the message might be something more like “we SHOULD be allowed to go as dark as we want, but unreasonable people (like the singing notebook) don’t want us to”

    but that’s mostly because the person who showed it to me is part of my family who think they should be allowed to use the n word.

  8. marko says

    It’s all a bit Mighty Boosh.
    @Rawnaeris, I quite liked the clarinet playing at the end.

  9. AussieMike says

    I thought this was going to be an environmental message when it looked like oil sludge on the clown and ‘green’ wasn’t a creative colour. Buuuuut then it got really fucked up.
    So I’m going with Pinkey at #5 above.

  10. timanthony says

    Yes, do stop, but not before you stop feeding facsimiles of those drugs to us innocents via TCP/IP. Holy cow, PZ, the penalties are awful, same laws apply as to sending shroomz through the US mail across state lines to alien juveniles! It ain’t worth it. And my head hurts. Also pretty sure I’m not creative now, either, though I think I was before.

  11. Lyle says

    “I use my hair to express myself!”

    “That sounds really boring.”

    “I use my hair to express myself.”

    There’s something to that.

  12. grumpyoldfart says

    @ Pinkey #5
    Thanks, I would have never worked it out on my own.

    Reminds me of the movie, Buffalo Bill and the Indians. I watched it first as a western and then discovered it was a parody of the Hollywood star system – so I went back and watched it a second time as a completely different movie. [Not many people have seen that movie twice.]

  13. F [is for fluvial] says

    it means yellow puppets are going to get shat on repeatedly, is what it means

    It’s all yellow puppets. All the way down.

  14. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    @12. yubal :“Wait … Why is green not a creative color?”

    I asked the same question when I saw / heard that. One thought is because leaves are naturally green so its not adding anything “creative” to them – but then that isn’t actually true – given the existence of variegated leaves, autumn leaves, red prunus leaves, the blue phylodes (not technically leaves but close enough) on the Cootamundra wattle (accacia baileyiana), some sundew leaves, etc ..

    So, yeah, I wondered like another commenter whether that was supposed to be some sort of political symbolic reference or meta-narrative.

    Thought provoking , pyschedelic arty yet implied anti-arty clip here.

  15. M'thew says

    At first I thought the notebook was a bit of a fascist, for dictating what is creative and what not.

    Thank goodness all ended well.

  16. Moggie says


    You guys just discovered this?

    Weird puppetry hipsters are the worst hipsters.

  17. beatnikhusker says

    That fucking notepad reminds me of every executive producer I have ever worked with…