Around FtB

Today is the big day we do our first test of the plumbing we’ve cobbled together for our fish facility. We may be bailing or patching or scratching our heads today…or maybe we’ll just be celebrating. So go read other blogs while we tinker.

  • Taslima has been honored by the Royal Academy of Science, Arts and Literature of Belgium and met with the European Parliament. Awesome. (Taslima is the featured speaker at Empowering Women Through Secularism, too!)

  • Stephanie is soliciting feedback for American Atheists.

  • Avicenna rails against theocracy.

  • Aron gets video messages.

  • Iron Chariots gets email.

  • Sikivu stands for abortion on demand and without apology!

  • Miri punches out the “Real Skeptic” argument.

  • Ophelia reports that Savita was not alone.

  • Ian recounts a horrible tale of a man attacked for driving while Muslim.

  • Digital Cuttlefish is a Poe!

  • Dana visits Vantage. I’ve been there several times — I’ve been there with my father, who loved the place.

  • Ally lists reasons, good and bad, for some men to be so angry.

  • Jason has put out a call to help a woman and her son save their home.

  • Maryam tells us that FEMEN activists in Tunisia are being tried as equivalent to witches.

  • Nirmukta opens the door to the weird world of caste discrimination. Brahmins only housing?

  • Mano has been doing an excellent job covering the NSA and their assault on privacy…this is one example.

  • Yemmi was the subject of a long interview on the homophobic attitudes of certain Nigerian lawmakers.