What do the Boy Scouts, Catholicism, and Nazis have in common?

They were all seething, orgiastic hot-beds of prancing nancy-boys, according to Scott Lively. Alternatively, all three are lied about by Scott Lively.

It’s breakfast time here, so you might want to skip reading that whole essay: it’s stomach-churning homophobia and dishonesty. You won’t be able to read it without realizing that Lively really does hate gay people.

(via Joe. My. God.)


  1. Nepenthe says

    Eh, I don’t know that he thinks about lesbians much at all. He seems very, very focused on man-on-man action.

  2. imthegenieicandoanything says

    Scott who?

    And, if it isn’t even funny, why should I bother to care? Is he advising the “Republican” SOTH or something?

    Let him fuck off in perfect anonymity. There’re thousands of shits like him, everywhere. Why should I take the trouble to step on each one?

  3. OptimalCynic says

    Scott Lively, the man the American Family Association would like you to forget was ever a leader of one of their chapters.

  4. Bernard Bumner says

    Lively is unfortunately influential – look at the hand he had in organising persecution of gay people in Uganda.

  5. says

    Scott Lively was one of the American religious leaders who fueled the anti-gay legislation in Uganda. He’s indirectly responsible for getting a lot of gay men and women murdered.

    So no, don’t ignore him. His hatred is burning in Africa right now.

  6. ck says

    Oh, yes, that Scott Lively. The one who wrote a book claiming that homosexual men were the force responsible for the creation and rise to power of the Nazi party in Germany. If this man said that liquid water is wet, I’d want corroboration from a source other than Lively and his friends that it is true. If the man has ever been right about anything, I’m sure it has been by coincidence.

  7. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    I “met” Lively twice, though in large scale situations where there was no true human interaction. I didn’t know him personally in any sense. However, an acquaintance of mine [someone I didn’t know well at all, but did interact with a few times and we knew each other by rep well enough] was assaulted by Lively for taking press photos at an event. She sued. She won. Lively & co-defendants refused to pay. I can’t remember how Lively himself eventually resolved this, but one of his co-defendants eventually went to jail after not merely refusing to pay, but engaging in fraud and what might be called money laundering. The lot of them, collectively the Oregon Citizens Alliance, were classic ends-justify-the-means folks, and the ends were hurting queers any way they could.

    I could not have more contempt for the man’s work and ethics.

  8. carbonbasedlifeform says

    He is just seething with hatred, isn’t he? Obviously, the bits in the Bible about “loving thy neighbor” and “God is love” do not apply to his version of Christianity. I notice that he does not allow responses in his blog.

  9. Gregory Greenwood says

    I tried to read through it, but there is only so much idiotic, toxic bigotry that I can handle in one sitting, and given that by the third paragraph Lively was deliberately conflating homosexuality with paedophillia (proof, if any further proof were needed, of how woefully intellectuially inadequate and generally nasty and unethical he is), I suppose it is hardly surprising that I wasn’t able to trudge through it.

    He really is a vicious, nauseatingly evil excuse for a human being.

  10. koncorde says

    So, if Scott Lively turns out to be a homosexual does he or does he not actually prove his own thesis that homosexuals persecute other homosexuals through rite, law and statute…y’know, a bit like a fascist?

    If, however, Scott Lively isn’t a homosexual does he not then disprove that homosexuals are at the forefront of persecuting everyone and that in fact the society often reflects the attitudes of the prevailing social influence…like fascism?

    So, fascism. A bad decision in any case.

  11. Jacob Schmidt says

    Scott Lively, emphasis mine

    The Boy Scouts of America is no different, except now the organization itself will do most of the work of recruiting the victims, and is also likely to try and cover up all evidence of the problem so as not to admit their policy change was to blame. (The latter phenomenon seems to be occurring in our military, vis a vis male-on-male rapes, since the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.)

    Riiiight. The boy scouts and the military have only recently had problems with sexual abuse and assault.

    I’m sometimes astonished at such pieces of ignorant shit (both the article and the author).

  12. kevinalexander says

    He’s indirectly responsible for getting a lot of gay men and women murdered.

    There’s no six degrees here. It looks pretty direct to me.

  13. RFW says

    I can’t bring myself to read Lively’s (more like “Deadly’s”) hate-spew, so let me ask those with stronger stomachs than mine:

    Is Lively a grifting hypocrite who says the things he says because it brings in money without a drop of sincerity? Or is he merely a grifter, pure and simple, exploiting his genuine hatred of gays?

    I’ve gotten to the point that I dismiss the haters in chief (among whom I count Lively) as hypocrites, sociopaths with no concern for the effects of their speech but very concerned with how much money it extracts from widows — but I may be wrong.

    Speak up, please.

  14. Numenaster says


    Lively is utterly serious. He has been saying these same things for 25 years now, and he’s been fighting abortion rights the same length of time. He’s a thoroughgoing right wing conservative patriarchal Christian.

    I remember him from the same era Crip Dyke does, when he was “only” pushing ballot measures that would rewrite the Oregon state constitution to say the state “recognizes homosexuality, pedophilia, sadism and masochism as abnormal, wrong, unnatural, and perverse.” That’s a direct quote from the measure, which failed at 44% of the vote. First time I ever did phone banking in opposition to a ballot measure.

    I believe Catherine Stauffer (the photographer he attacked) never did get paid. Either Lively or his codefendant not only committed fraud, but also filed bankruptcy to avoid paying the judgment.

  15. Goodbye Enemy Janine says

    Let’s not forget that Scott Lively is one of the founders of the international coalition of evangelical homophobes called The Watchmen On The Walls.

  16. timberwoof says

    Scott Lively was involved in getting Oregon’s anti-gay Measure 9 of 1992 passed. In Colorado, a similar measure, “Amendment 2”, did not pass. The difference was apparently the approaches taken by the proponents. In Oregon, Lively and his crew used violence and general nastiness to promote their cause. Among other things, they firebombed the house of the leader of the opposition campaign. In Colorado, the proponents tried to be publicly very nice and polite. The Rethuglicans learned that to get shit passed, you have to be an asshole like Scott Lively.

  17. unclefrogy says

    what a depressing thing to read about at breakfast.
    that more then 5 random guys in a beer bar listen to him is very sad.
    uncle frogy

  18. stanton says

    Scott who?

    And, if it isn’t even funny, why should I bother to care? Is he advising the “Republican” SOTH or something?

    Let him fuck off in perfect anonymity. There’re thousands of shits like him, everywhere. Why should I take the trouble to step on each one?

    Would you prefer to ignore him and let him continue fomenting his evil deeds without interruption, including encouraging the Ugandan government and various Christian groups in Africa to legislate homophobia and legalize genocide against gays and lesbians?

  19. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    Measure 9 did not pass.

    And Colorado’s Amendment 2 (of 1994, not 1992) in fact **did** pass. Amendment 2 was the subject of the court case Romer v Evans that has become so constitutionally important. It was RvE that presaged Lawrence v Texas. RvE struck down Amendment to on grounds of violation of the federal constitution. Likewise, the Tx sodomy law was struck down by LvT. Interestingly, 5 justices voted to simply strike down the sodomy law as an intrusion into private lives where the government property and contitutionally has no power. 1 justice concurred with the majority, but would have stricken the law based on the fact that it only criminalized same-legal-sex sodomy, using RvE’s analysis about unequal treatment. That justice would have upheld all sodomy laws that applied equally to all regardless of gender or sexual orientation. So, yes, according to Sandra Day O’Connor, it’s perfectly okay to outlaw giving head – by anyone on anyone – but it’s not okay to outlaw **only** gay/lesbian head-giving. Because while your sexual positions are perfectly proper governmental concerns, your sexual partners aren’t.

    Or something.

    Anyway, thanks for linking the OCA with Amendment 2 and the Romer v Evans, but 2 was struck down – it did not fail at the ballot.

  20. Numenaster says

    Crip Dyke is correct. The quote in my above post (“recognizes homosexuality, pedophilia, sadism and masochism as abnormal, wrong, unnatural, and perverse”) is from 1992’s Measure 9, which failed.

    In 1988 the Oregon Citizens Alliance had sponsored Measure 8 repealing the state’s ban on orientation-based discrimination, and THAT did pass. As a bonus, the measure not only repealed the ban, but actually forbade the state from providing any orientation-based protections. This odious piece of discrimination was overturned by the state’s highest court in 1992, and IIRC was enjoined from enforcement while the court case was in progress. Whew.

  21. says

    PZ @5

    He’s also the author of The Pink Swastika which argued that the nazis were all homosexuals and that homosexual lust led to the Holocaust and the german invasions of neighboring nations. It also pretty much states that being gay leads one to be an uncontrollable murderer and child rapist and that the only way “good people” can defend themselves is to strike a fatal blow first.

    His various conspiracies and verbatim arguments tend to crop up often in the works of other professional homophobes. Overall, he is the father of the modern anti-gay movement and if there’s an argument that seems especially “what the fuck”, Scott Lively probably was the origin point.

    He was also the leader of MassResistance which was a particularly infamous anti-gay group whose actions attempting to block gay rights in Massachusetts are infamous among queer individuals.

    In addition to being central to the Uganda laws, he is also responsible for a lot of the anti-gay laws in a number of countries including Russia, some of the eastern European nations, and several of the other African nations.

    His hatred of gay people is exactly equivalent to David Duke’s hatred for black people.

  22. thecalmone says

    According to Wikipedia, Baden-Powell, through apparent naivete, was quite taken with Adolf Hitler:

    “In 1939 Baden-Powell noted in his diary: “Lay up all day. Read Mein Kampf. A wonderful book, with good ideas on education, health, propaganda, organisation etc. – and ideals which Hitler does not practise himself.”

    Wikipedia’s source is: Jeal, Tim (1989). Baden-Powell. London: Hutchinson. ISBN 0-09-170670-X.

    I realise that by this time the BSA had existed for years and had very little to do with its British inspiration, but still – it’s odd that Lively doesn’t mention this.

  23. rrhain says

    OK, so what Lively, the man who hired a pedophile to serve in his youth support program…er…”coffee shop” (http://www.masslive.com/news/index.ssf/2011/01/pastor_of_holy_grounds_coffee.html), is saying is that any man who takes an interest in the development of a boy is a homosexual pedophile. Thus, to protect the young men, they must be kept in the care of their fathers, because we know their mothers can’t teach them how to be men. After all, if they could, then being raised by lesbians would be OK and we know that Lively is against that.

    But the most common source of being molested as a child is from your own family. So I guess what Lively is saying is that he wants to make sure that boys are kept around the men who are most likely to molest them.

    Is Lively trying to tell us something?

  24. DLC says

    Hm. . This guy is a menace.
    He seriously needs sorting. or a therapist. or both.

  25. Thumper; Atheist mate says

    There is so much wrong in that article I couldn’t even finish it. Seriously, when someone starts using words like “paedophilia” and “pederasty” in such a way as to make it completely obvious that they don’t understand what those words mean, it’s time to start ignoring them. When that person then goes on to say that scouting started in Germany (because Baden-Powell was totes German, right?) and it was the beginning of homosexuality, it’s way past that time. This man is seriously demented.