Venue change for my Seattle talk

The time is still the same — Wednesday, 27 March, 7:00 — but my talk has been removed from the UW campus. They’re testing fire alarms that evening, and unless you want to hear the talk punctuated with klaxons and periodic trooping out to the lawn, it’s best that we move it.

It’s now being held in Ballard, in the Nordic Heritage Museum (3014 NW 67th St), which is just awesome. I’ve got incentive to show up early now so I can tour the place. Unfortunately, I notice that Archie McPhee’s has relocated out of Ballard to Wallingford, so I can’t combine the trip into an opportunity to also stock up on essentials. Well, not quite as easily, anyway.


  1. brian says

    Perfect for a stroll over to the Viking Tavern afterwards! Not sure if you frequented the Viking when you were here, but it is unfortunately closing, end of April, so this your last chance.

  2. gillt says

    Archie McPhee’s is on some prime Wallingford real estate. How are they not a front?