1. McC2lhu doesn't want to know what you did there. says

    Well, this just proves the premise of the Red Lights movie you pooh-poohed earlier. There’s all the mindless humminah-humminah of the swallowers of a bullshit mythology, et voila, octopodes! Magic, I tells ya, pure magic!

  2. Gregory Greenwood says

    Get your meaningless gee-gaws out of my ocean, foul air-breather!


    Beatrice @ 5;

    Er.. this doesn’t look like it ended all that well for the octopus.

    Sadly, that does seem to be the case. It would have been better all round if a larger cephalpod had eaten the priest instead.

  3. Ogvorbis says

    Why didn’t they just throw it back in the water?

    Priest was asking the ocean to bless the humans with food. Ocean did that.

  4. Ogvorbis says

    Aaaaaaaaaand to continue:

    Ocean did that. Would seem impolite not to eat the food the ocean just provided. Might piss off the gods.

  5. steve oberski says

    Good to see that some of the audience had the appropriate response to the ritual – laughter.

    I thought the “singing” in the church I was forced to attend as a child was bad, but that was really bad.

  6. says

    Silly Orthodox clerics, blessing the sea in hopes of ensuring a bountiful harvest of seafood! It’s completely unreasonable and not at all like the time our parish’s Catholic priest blessed my parents’ new car to preserve it and its occupants from harm. That worked perfectly (until the accident in which it was totaled).

  7. says

    “blessing the sea in hopes of ensuring a bountiful harvest of seafood”

    It’s not superstition, you ignorant fools! It’s religion! Religion! Totally different! Sofistimicated!

  8. shouldbeworking says

    Three seconds into the video the words to the Newfoundland song “squid jigging ground” popped into my mind.

  9. dysomniak, darwinian socialist says

    I don’t really find this entertaining at all. And I guarantee the octopus didn’t.

  10. Crudely Wrott says

    Who caught who? Or, which caught which?

    It looked for a moment there as if the mighty cephalopod had the upper hand. Or, the upper tentacle, or, the hand of a human in its tentacles.

    Too bad that we didn’t get a better look at the second catch. Perhaps it pulled someone down into the cold, dark depths to explain their deeds to the darkest of underlords?

  11. harvardmba says

    Another post demonstrating the endless idiocy of myers. Apparently seeing morons catch and otherwise harm an animal is a blessing! Oh, and interesting! I guess when you’ve tortured animals yourself in the lab (in the name of scientific progress, of course) seeing something like this is rather benign.

  12. says

    harvardmba: Is there an opportunity where you live to obtain counseling to help with your comprehension problem? (It would be a blessing to you.)

  13. abear says

    Apparently having a Harvard MBA does strange things to your comprehension.

    Did I mention Greg Laden went to Harvard?

  14. Gregory Greenwood says

    harvardmba @ 22;

    Do you hear that whistling sound?It is the point sailing over your head.


  15. chigau (無味ない) says

    Harvard and Harvard Business School – not the same thing.

    Ah, yes, Caine. But does harvardmba understand that?
    Shouldn’t xir ‘nym be harvardbsmba?

  16. Nick Gotts (formerly KG) says

    Shouldn’t xir ‘nym be harvardbsmba? – chigau

    It is strangely appropriate that “Business School” abbreviates to “BS”.

  17. says

    Mr proud of his Harvard mba should either get a refund or Harvard should sue him. Unless they can join together and bottle his distilled inabillity to read and from that derive a cure for dyslexia.

  18. jba55 says

    I’m pretty sure this is how everything got started in Innsmouth. We need a video of the next ritual, I bet it’s even more obscure, less comprehensible and gets much more dramatic results.