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Hey gang, what’s happening?

  • Lilandra blasphemes. The kitten picture is unforgivable.

  • Martin Wagner talks about the Austin bat cruise, among many other things. I tried, but I just couldn’t make it this year. Next time! I’d like to be shat upon by a bat.

  • Brianne Bilyeu has a report from Louise Kellar about the Creation Evidence Expo in Indianapolis. Guess what? There wasn’t any evidence!

  • Frederick Sparks criticizes the biases of science. Ouch.

  • Ophelia Benson is concerned about the direction SCA is taking, and recounts some events at this past weekend’s HFA conference. Hey, I was there! Also of note: Ellen Beth mentioned that the obsessed clown posting as “ElevatorGate” was specifically excluded from the event.

  • Greta Christina weighs traditional vs. DIY publishing. I can tell you that traditional publishing sure is slower.

  • Jason Thibeault discusses the proper methods of hunting witches.

  • Maryam Namazie features the FEMEN this month in the Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar.

  • Mano Singham discusses political purity. Is your presidential candidate a perfect paragon? I know mine isn’t.

  • Steven Andrew notes that arctic temperatures are now higher thant they were in the Medieval Warm Period. There goes another denialist excuse!


  1. says

    Ellen Beth mentioned that the obsessed clown posting as “ElevatorGate” was specifically excluded from the event.

    Oh yes? The self-described “brave hero” wasn’t there? Poor guy. I bet he was really looking forward to chatting with Rebecca.

  2. drivenb4u says

    Thanks for the update but Martin’s post is a week old. Sadly although AXP has some great writers that I always love to hear from, between 5 of them they can’t manage more than 10 posts a month and it’s routine that their blog goes stale by a week or more.

  3. says

    Holy fuck, Justin Vacula is blogging there!

    With Loftus and Vacula, they’ve got both transphobia and misogyny. Now they’re looking for a racist blogger.

  4. says

    …oh and they’ve got Ryan Grant Long on board as well. Perhaps they’ll be inviting the obsessed clown posting as “ElevatorGate” next.