Hispanic American Freethinkers

I know people who have been looking for this very organization: Hispanic American Freethinkers.

Some Hispanics live without the fear of imaginary beings and superstitions. Some of us put our hope in science instead of prayer, witchcraft, or homeopathic medicine. We have chosen to live without religion, superstitions, spirits, or myths, and to trust reason and knowledge. Believe it or not, we live happy and well adjusted lives serving the community and our loved ones. Sometimes we have struggles, heartaches, disappointments, and trials just like anyone else, but we solve our problems without the comfort or help of imaginary beings such as angels, ghosts, gods, fairies, or even chupacabras. We find strength, joy and meaning in life itself, using secular morals culminating with a fulfilling life. Our goal is to teach Latinos HOW to think, not what to think!

This looks like an excellent source to tap into for speakers at your next meeting or conference, and I think all of us can agree with their goals.


  1. says

    Just a clarification, the term Hispanic Americans is including everyone from Canada to the Malvinas Islands? the majority of the people in America are “Hispanic”! or is it only Hispanic usAmericans?

  2. says

    If you read the website, you’d see this line:

    HAFree is a national organization that represents the union of Hispanic freethinkers in the United States.

  3. keinsignal says

    Chupacabras? Imaginary? You’re treading into some DANGEROUS GROUND here, Hispanic American Freethinkers.