Botanical Wednesday: Baseball!

See? It’s a plant that looks like a baseball! And on Friday, the Minnesota Atheists Regional Conference will be sponsoring a baseball game in St Paul, the Mr Paul Aints vs. the Amarillo Sox. You should come. Here’s the schedule for the meeting: Dave Silverman, Hector Avalos, Ayanna Watson, Robert Price, Teresa McBain, J. Anderson Thompson, and me. Probably no baseball plants, though. They’ve been wiped out in the wild.

(via WebEcoist)


  1. says

    Well I’m glad for the explanation about the baseball game sponsoring. At first I thought PZ was being flippant about using this wonderful plant as a baseball. It seemed a strange sentiment to come from the keyboard of a biologist!

  2. paulburnett says

    Yes, it is a Euphorbia obesa – I have one in my cactus and succulent collection that’s 12 or 13 years old.

  3. gijoel says

    Honestly it looks like a facehugger will burst out of that thing and try to make sweet love to your mouth.

  4. says

    Tethys, paulburnett, thanks. Somehow it’s not surprising that, if it’s not a living stone that it should be Euphorbia….


  5. johnharshman says

    To me, it looks like an echinoid. Except for the extra ambulacra; should be only 5.