1. throwaway says

    [I hate “FIRST” comments under all circumstances. Deleted. –pzm]

  2. says

    This is why I rarely read comments on most mainstream sites. News sites are the worst. If you want to see the true face of American idiocy, read the comments on local news sites. Your blood will be boiling in mere seconds.

  3. says

    I remember a pathetic variant of the already-pathetic “first!” reaction when some folks starting using “frist!” and then making comments about Sen. Bill Frist, who was Senate majority leader at the time. So sad. At least that one seems to have gone away.

  4. says

    It is so spot-on, it is not even funny. More like depressing, since there is probably not a sinlge site in the whole interverse, which did not experience this juvenile behaviour.

    Even I did, and my blog has like thirty visits a day.

  5. TychaBrahe says

    That was totally inaccurate.

    Further, it is entirely Obama’s fault that the video was entirely inaccurate. Before Obama was elected President, the Internet made sense!

  6. throwaway says

    I guess I got squidslapped? Serves me right.

    (tentatively waits for opportune moment for a Borat reference)


    RE: Brett – An example in one. I actually registered to report iq160. I’m not sure that it warrants a response, I’d rather just purge the ugly when possible, especially in cases where the purveyor of such misogynistic victim-blaming delusional thoughts is otherwise not engaged.

  7. patrickslattery says

    Jeff Atwood, co-creator of the highly successful StackOverflow site had a very interesting post on methodologies of blocking or banning disruptive users.
    I wish that more sites could implement some of the technologies he lists, although I suppose since the point is that no-one should know that they are being hell-banned maybe it is already in place here ;-)

  8. neuralobserver says

    Where have heard such consistent, in-depth reasoned and thoughtful discussion accompanied with high-level use of language… let me see, let me see? Oh yeah–Pharyngula. Fuckin’ A-tweety.

  9. Rip Steakface says

    I was cringing the whole time up until the very end, when one of the jackasses shouted “First!” at the new chart. I’m cleaning my monitor of the water from my spit take right now.

  10. petejohn says

    Hmm… Yup sounds like the message board at the bottom of a YouTube video. Lot of immature dumbasses with nothing better to do than make sarcastic wise-ass comments just so they can slap themselves on the back about how fucking clever they are for having said something dumber than the person before them. This place gets pretty loud and raucous and crude, but there’s often serious substance at the bottom of all those fuckbombs, hence why tone trolls are often told to kindly and rightly piss off. But on Yt and other forums it’s like wallowing in a muddy puddle of shit.