1. koliedrus says

    I’m glad to be in on the live feed but mu genitals are behaving as if wolves are circling the tribal fire.

  2. says

    No. It’s simultaneously displayed on a live feed on YouTube…a feed I linked to up there.

    There were 290 people watching the show in real time.

  3. says

    Also the podcast is being recorded and will be linked from the NPR website and mentioned in the AXP blog after the fact.

    Not to mention PZs post.

  4. jfigdor says

    I wasn’t implying it wasn’t going to be viewed. I was just joking that google+ seems awful like friendster these days…

  5. Evader, the parasite-infested branch on the evolutionary tree says

    If Dillahunty told you to jump off a bridge, would you?

  6. says

    Apologies PZ. False alarm on my part. I jumped into a stream of tweets between you and @cuttlefishpoet out of context. Thought, in error, this was part of the dust up between you and Thunderf00t regarding the ongoing @rebeccawatson drama.

  7. says

    And yes the Internet is amazing and getting amazinger! Bully to you for popularizing Google+ Hangouts On Air. I was not aware of this new capability until you did your podcast experiment. Good on ya!