That creationist rascal Kenwal Hamza is up to his tricks again: he’s convinced the state of Kentucky to invest millions of dollars in his planned theme park, Koran Kountry.

The controversial park is the creation of Answers in Koran, LLC, who seek to bring visitors to the “family-friendly attraction that celebrates the truth of the Koran, and the power of the global jihadist movement to liberate Muslims from the oppression of the infidels and Jews. We also have roller coasters.”

The $300 million park, built on top of a reclaimed surface mining site in Muhlenberg County, was constructed with the help of unnamed international investors from Pakistan and Iran. Their feasibility study projects millions of tourists from the Middle East and South Asia will come to the park in its first three years of operation.

“This day would not be possible without the great help we received from the Beshear administration,” said Kenwal Hamza, CEO of Answers in Koran. “Muhlenberg County is now truly the closest thing to Paradise on Earth.”

They’re going to have rides and celebrate the true history of Islam…no, stop.

This doesn’t work.

Sorry, total fail. It’s bad satire.

No one is ever going to believe that an American state would fund something as stupid as “Koran Country”, or that they’d actually smile and approve tens of millions of dollars to a non-Christian theme park. There’s a plausibility gap a few zillion miles wide.

Although it does go a good job of highlighting the smug sense of Christian privilege that allowed the colossal inanity of Ken Ham’s Creation “Museum” to get built in the first place.


  1. procyon says

    Almost had me. For a pico-second. But then, everyone knows Mr Peabody’s coal trains have hauled Muhlenburg County away.

  2. Beatrice says

    I sort of almost fell fort it. But I didn’t think it was really a Muslim venture, but a Christian one intent on showing an average American all the Muslim evil, interspersed with roller coaster rides.

    My brain can be a sick place, but I don’t think this is impossible. I bet they could even get it approved.

  3. DLC says

    Free Burqas for the kiddies!*

    (*girl kiddies, who must always be accompanied by a male relative)

    Free “I went to Jihad-land and all I got was this crummy T-shirt” t-shirts to the first 77 virgins!

  4. sc_9f70b75de033f0c6b698a5bfdff311b7 says

    De-lurking for a moment. From the ads, I get the feeling this is anti-Beshear rhetoric. And there are plenty of people around here all too willing to believe he’d fund something like this, because being a democrat in this state is pretty much saying you’re the most evil bastard on earth.

  5. 'Tis Himself says

    We also have roller coasters.

    They’re like the roller coasters at Six Flags Over Mecca.

  6. Crip Dyke, MQ, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    I particularly liked

    “Kenwal Hamza”.

    That alone told me it was a parody, though I’d enjoy seeing a muslim entrepreneur try to get cash out of Kentucky and Kentucky explain that they *aren’t* favoring one religion over another…

  7. Doc Bill says

    Of course the real Ken Ham is building a real Ark Park Adventure with a life-sized ark, Tower of Babel and theme rides. Even a Bible Village with camels, sheep, mangers and wise men.

    Funded in part through tax concessions by the State of Kentucky. Why, the good old State of Kentucky is even constructing an off-ramp from the highway to the extravaganza.

    Yes, the Ark Park Adventure endorsed and brought to you by the State of Kentucky! Yee Haww!!1!!

  8. some bastard on the net says

    Ten bucks says Ken Ham falls for it and lobbies the state legislature to block it.

  9. sc_daf555bf3249c23d49bad8f71d730018 says

    Built on top of a reclaimed strip mine in, eh? Just perfect. Speaking as one who once worked for the Ohio Division of Reclamation (now defunct thanks to the GOP), I wouldn’t let my family anywhere near such a place for fear of exposure to toxins, heavy metals, etc. Kentucky’s reclamation standards are not highly regarded. But let the faithful come! When they come down with all manner of inexplicable illnesses they can pray to whatever deity they wish to for a cure.

  10. rrainsmd says

    No one is ever going to believe that an American state would fund something as stupid as “Koran Country”

    Yeah, that’s pretty unlikely. Everyone knows they’d spell Country with a K


  11. snarkmatter says

    This was an article in a local magazine called “Leo”. It was clearly labeled on the front as “The Fake Issue.” Lots of good stories in there. Even one or two ribbing Rand Paul and McConnell.

    Though, I can see a few people who didn’t notice the fake issue label (my mom didn’t see it ::snicker::) or who may get the article 2nd hand and not realize it’s a fake.

    Waiting for Faux News to pick up some of the articles XD

  12. Russell says

    Kentucky ought to authorize a bond issue to build Koan Kountry, hosting America’s first Zen thrill rides , The Greater Vehicle , and The Sound Of One Roller Coasting.

  13. Porco Dio says

    this is an awesome ploy to get dollars sent to muslim terrorists to find its way back to the usa

  14. bortedwards says

    Could someone lobby the state for an athiest exhibit? Cost: approx $200 for a sign saying: “Use Your Brain, Have A Nice Day”

  15. says

    I had the same initial reaction as Beatrice; reading too quickly, I saw the name as just “Ken Ham”, then figured that some sort of Islamophobic theme park may well be the next project for the Answers folks.

    (I think such a venture would fail but only barely; at some point the governor would realize that non-wingnuts vote too.)