1. F says

    I wonder if they could come up with a sort of general anaesthetic/analgesic from this as an alternative à la methadone, and/or, like methadone, be a withdrawal/maintenance treatment.

    ↑ I managed to get three whacks in that sentence, and now it looks like an URL.

  2. madtom1999 says

    Why is it that the greatest drug creations are almost as good as natures originals but … patentable?

  3. iknklast says

    A minuscule part of the plant’s defense? Cue in the people screaming about wasted research money!

    My mother spent hours railing about studies of fruit fly DNA – why are we spending money on fruit flies? No amount of explanation about the importance of this research would convince her.

  4. ironflange says

    Aw, give the poor guy a break on “miniscule,” he’s a biologist, not a linguist. What’s more, my spell checker didn’t flag it here.