Yay, University of Minnesota!

Our university senate just passed a resolution opposing the anti-gay marriage bill that will be coming up for a vote here in Minnesota in November. They did good.


  1. says

    Actually this is not such great news. Anti gay marriage amendments tend to get put on the ballot not to win the particular amendment necessarily. They are put on the ballot to drive more wingnuts to come out to vote. Their intent is to help make sure wackos like Michelle Backman get elected, or to help make sure Obama does not. Or to help make sure down ticket state house wacko congressmen are more likely to win.

    So yeah, of course its a good thing that people who tend to be more reality based vote such measures down, but not so good that this item is on your ballot in the first place.

  2. lynnwilhelm says

    Here in NC, we get to vote on an amendment stating that the only “legal domestic union” is one between a man and a woman. We already have a law against gay marriage but the fundies got this one as soon as they got a majority in congress.

    Not only is this amendment scary, but the vote is during the primary next week. Hopefully we’ve been getting the word out to get enough no votes out there.
    Luckily even some conservatives are against it. Lots of liberal religious folks are as well.
    I know I’ve convinced a few people to vote against. I’ve been wearing my amendment shirt out.

  3. lynnwilhelm says

    Here in NC it’s even more sinister than that. Until our democratic Governor decided not to run, there wasn’t much to attract democratic voters to the polls for the primary.
    They knew Republicans would be out to vote for a GOP candidate for president (not such a big deal any more).

    I can’t help thinking that one reason our Governor decided not to run to get more Dems to the polls. I think she’d do that.

  4. StevoR says

    Our university senate just passed a resolution opposing the anti-gay marriage bill that will be coming up for a vote here in Minnesota in November. They did good.

    Yes, they did.

    One small victory out of hopefully many to come on this issue. I hope it makes some diffence.

  5. microraptor says

    At my university, we just had people running a signature drive to get the elimination of state funding for abortions on the ballot.

    If I’d been faster thinking, I’d have followed my roommate’s suggestion to noisily dump a big pile of wire coat-hangers on the table next to theirs.

  6. todd bstevens says

    I will put minesota on my list to teach at. I teach English, and know Im a dime a dozen. But I like to pretend I have a choice, and am engaged to a trans woman. So may see you up in thenland o lakes.

  7. says

    They did good.

    Yes they did. It’s time that everyone who supports marriage equality needs to speak up. We can’t let the wingnuts win.

    Speaking of, what the hell do the wingnuts think has happened in states that have marriage equality? Last I checked, New York, Vermont, Mass, DC, et al hadn’t been smote* or plagues by locusts or whatever.

    *Smited? Smoten?

  8. leon says

    Several University of Minnesota campuses were on my potential colleges list, though some of them kinda suck. I’ve got family in Minneapolis, but I hate that place. Small school with a physics major in a quiet town where there’s not much to do but schoolwork is my kinda thing. In a state that, ideally, the locals won’t chase me with shotguns because I’m transgender and an atheist.

    University of Minnesota is starting to sound pretty awesome. :)

  9. julietdefarge says

    While this was the right thing to do, we can expect to see this used as an example of how college makes your kids godless. There may even be (more) legislation that hurts higher education.

    As an old lady, I’m cynically amused to see how many of its toes the US will shoot off to prevent itself from taking a step forward. As a mother, I’m reminding my Daughter to maintain her foreign language skills.