1. says

    Mr. Deity: The Catholics are awful.

    Oh, dear dear dear! Bill Donohue is going to threaten a boycott of Mr. Deity now.

  2. Charlie Foxtrot says

    I met Mr Deity in the bar after the GAC, really nice bloke.
    I think I managed to accomplish a decent chat, but it was hard to tell due to all the internal squeee-ing that was going on in my head.
    Unexpectedly bumping into internet heros is complicated.

  3. julietdefarge says

    Wow, I never would have guessed that Mr. D used to be a Mormon. He’s quite the natty gent, and that sure isn’t a Utah accent. Maybe he should start a service, “Makeovers for Mormons.”

  4. says

    Oh, oh, I liked Joe’s “proof because I said so” (probably got if from the Bible) and “impress the rubes by a fake translation of Egyptian hieroglyphics.”

    Yeah, I guess that was a different episode, but the Mormon show has some pretty good lines.

    Glen Davidson

  5. carlie says

    I must have missed an episode or a few somewhere – what happened to Larry?

  6. Rick says

    Aww, what a bunch of cards. Right after you watch Dr. Diety and Smith, be sure to catch “Mr. Deity and the Science Advisor” (PZ). That’s one I never saw.

    How’s that go again, “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny?”

  7. Furr-a-Bruin says

    Clever as ever – and PZ, you’re just squee-ably cute in your brief appearance. (Before you get all offended – note that this is coming from someone who considers 1500# Kodiak bears with 4″ claws to be “squee-ably cute” too. )

  8. deludedone says

    Great as always, especially the begging bit, BUT why does he want to get to Darwin en route to LA and need help to cross the Atlantic Ocean? That’s a journey too far, unlss of curse he is coming to the UK!

  9. jimmauch says

    I enjoy all the messages I receive from god but this particular one here is a favorite of mine.

    Mr. Deity: The virtue of willful ignorance.