So Jesus Camp annoyed you?

Maybe you were horrified at the child abuse in the movie Jesus Camp. Now you can listen to Sean Faircloth’s new talk on indoctrination of children and be peeved all over again!


  1. Louis says

    Fuck you, Myers!

    My spleen cannot take the flux of splenetic juices any more. I am retiring to a quiet pasture where I can widdle on trees, eat grass and make the occasional soft mooing noise as I shit patties of purest rage.

    Lots of love and kisses,


  2. ckitching says

    It’s rather depressing, isn’t it? Someone like Obama has some loose ties with someone who was a civil rights advocate that is rumoured to maybe have had some ties to communists, and the right wing howls that Obama must be somehow irreparably and permanently tainted by this. Yet, any politician can and frequently do appear next to James Dobson and his organization, Focus on the Family, who advocates beating crying infants as young as 18 months old to shut them up and no one even bats an eyelid. Revolting.

  3. says

    Ohhhhhh, no. Definitely not. Between the JohntheLiar vids, remembering the excruciating viewing of Jesus Camp and the Manology crap, I’ve had enough for a while. How about cuddly cephalopods instead? Tentacles are needed, I think. I could go for an eight armed hug right about now.

  4. A. R says

    Caine: Seconded. The Friday cephalopod had better be damned good after all of this! ;) Perhaps something about really stupid creationists to perk us up as well?

  5. gworroll says

    He speaks like a preacher.

    This isn’t a slight, he’s really good at this style of speaking. He could make loads of money if he became a televangelist.

    As to the content of this talk… absolutely disgusting bullshit. Glad that he’s speaking out about it, but this is some horrifying stuff.

  6. says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Sean Faircloth speaks like a preacher. I actually can’t stand him for just that reason, it’s too bad the RDF seems to want him in every video.

  7. robro says

    Well, I watched the whole damn 33 minutes, 41 seconds. Now I feel compelled to read the guy’s damn book, and I already have too much to read. And I feel compelled to get involved, and I already have too much to do. Thanks, PZ…and it wasn’t as awful as I feared. The subject is terrible, yes, but the talk was good, the information worth hearing, and the point of view agreeable.

    Faircloth didn’t sound like any preacher I ever listened to, and I’ve heard my fair share. The only common ground I see is that he’s impassioned about his subject. If secular speakers can be passionate then we’re going to have difficulty getting people engaged. There’s nothing worse than someone droning on, unless their playing Irish music.

    He probably could make a bundle as a preacher. It appears that almost any idiot can just so long as they can say “Jee-ah-sus”, so someone articulate and intelligent probably could, too.

    Actually, I saw hints of John Kennedy, right down to the turn of his head as he spoke to his audience, the finger jabs, the way he said “aunt” in his New England accent, and the head of hair.

  8. says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Sean Faircloth speaks like a preacher. I actually can’t stand him for just that reason, it’s too bad the RDF seems to want him in every video.

    How very &hellip shallow of you.

  9. unclefrogy says

    that was nice I thought it was going to be some one telling us how to bully kids to christ but I was pleasantly surprised.

    this stuff needs to reach a level where people are really aware of it and understand it as the same thing as is happening in Afghanistan and other parts of the Islamic world there is no real difference but it has not gotten there yet this election may help. the Pubic really does give them a lot of credit of being moral and good and clean and all but they are just washed and look clean but they are not they are dirty minded, cruel, lying and only interested in power and control not the love of god they front.
    keep the light on them.

    uncle frogy

  10. Lord Mawkscribbler says

    pcarini: “I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Sean Faircloth speaks like a preacher. I actually can’t stand him for just that reason, it’s too bad the RDF seems to want him in every video.”

    Maybe that’s just what we need, though. We want to reach out to and convert people who have been brought up listening to that kind of rhetoric, surely having people who can approach them in the same style, using similar tricks of rhetoric will be a great help. I, for one, think that Faircloth is persuasive an compelling for, among other things, his spoken style.

  11. says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Sean Faircloth speaks like a preacher. I actually can’t stand him for just that reason, it’s too bad the RDF seems to want him in every video.

    Nice to see that you are so very concerned about his style and actually take offense at somebody takes a passionate stand against child abuse because he reminds you of a teacher.
    Now we know who you are and you can fuck off.

    On the subject, I had one of those nasty infections the woman he talks about had, too. Puss oozing from all the little wounds on my body, from every mosquito bite, from every tiny tear on my fingernails. It was strep, btw. Never take medical advice from the internet and never take strep infections lightly. Go see a doctor.
    Which is what I did. He (She? I tell you, I can’t remember, I was too fucking sick) gave me some antibiotics and 48hrs I was feeling good again, the puss gave way to normal crusts that healed off.
    That’s what science has to offer.
    And we all just heard what religion has to offer.

  12. CompulsoryAccount7746 says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Sean Faircloth speaks like a preacher.

    Eh. I heard politician.
    Anecdote, anecdote, shocking quote, look what this small group gets away with, and this one, imagine what it must be like for the kids. My predecessors have let too much slide. We must enact, nay restore, policy to end this.
    I agree with his point, but he could’ve presented his examples in a less scattershot way. Then again, he had to fill time with “Many organizations exempt from standard regulation have developed and sheltered abusive behavior, which would not have occurred elsewhere. The exemption I refer to today is unjustified and should be overturned.”

  13. greenhome says

    Disgusting! And it’s probably happening here in Canada — who will denounce it?

  14. says

    Giliell @ 13: My point was about his public speaking style, and not at all about the content of the talk (largely because I haven’t yet watched this particular video.) It’s much too far of a leap to assume from this that I’m somehow offended by someone taking a stand against child abuse, which is how I read your post. I really hope that I’m just misreading it.

    I can accept Daz @ 9’s verdict that it’s shallow of me. I’m not a fan of Mr. Faircloth’s delivery, thus I don’t like to watch him speak. Styles differ, and his is needed as much as anybody else who is willing to get up and publicly champion our cause. I’m sure it’s more effective for outreach than the speakers whom I prefer, just don’t make me to sit on a pew and watch.

    Jesus Camp was rather upsetting to watch, but at least it didn’t show children’s medical needs being neglected by the faithful.

  15. says

    Doh, I fat-fingered the submit button and the last line of my last post probably looks odd. I gather from the context here that the issues of medical
    neglect and indoctrination of children may have been separate issues completely in the talk. Both are absolutely disgusting, and shouldn’t be at all commonplace in modern society.

    Dammit, now I’m going to have to watch that video to see what I’m ignorantly jabbering about.

  16. says


    To be fair, he’s actually made the point in previous speeches, that hearts and minds are more generally moved by shocking anecdote than by statistics. IIRC, he did say mention that we should be able to reinforce with more rigorous material if needed, but that we shouldn’t neglect the power of emotional appeal.

    FWIW, I think he’s right.

  17. jimmiraybob says

    …Sean Faircloth speaks like a preacher…

    He speaks like a story teller, which is what the preachers are. Don’t cede this ground to them alone. A well told and honest story is a good thing. Why once a long long time ago, great, great, great, possibly one or two more greats, uncle Sam Clemens was telling me…….