Women speak, all should listen

The Imagine No Religion conference in Kamloops had darn well better be good (OK, it will be), because it’s scheduled for the very same day as the Women in Secularism conference — and every time I look at the speakers’ list, I want to go.

“It is a clash between a mentality that belongs to the Middle Ages and another that belongs to the twenty-first century.”

Wafa Sultan

You are all aware that, while the speakers are all women, men are allowed and encouraged to attend and contribute, right? And that the topics are all relevant to every human being on the planet, not just the ones with vaginas? It’s just that women are in the forefront of the conflict with the patriarchal religions that have poisoned our cultures for centuries, and it’s about time they had a forum to tell their stories.

Sign up! I know we’re in the midst of an embarrassment of riches as far as godless conferences go, but this one is going to be exceptional.


  1. Gregory Greenwood says

    Women speak, all should listen

    A sentiment that should probably be tatooed to the forehead of every MRA…

    OK, that is enough out of me.

    *Sits forward, listens intently*

  2. catnip67 says

    I would love to go, but sadly, being in Arlington, Virginia, it may as well be the other side of the world.

    Oh hang on….

  3. thomasvos says

    “Women speak, all should listen”

    I disagree with this statement just as much as I disagree with “men speak, all should listen.”

  4. says

    I mention this every time some MRA comes along…


    The word for woman-hater, “misogynist,” has been around (in English, at least) for about four-hundred years. The word for man-hater, “misandrist,” has been around since about 1945. Can anyone honestly tell me that “misandrist” (which is being red-squiggled by spellcheck as I type this!) was not needed before 1945??? THIS is why men should think real hard before opening their mouths about how bad men have it. Even spellcheck knows we’re privileged.

  5. says

    I want to go. BUT, for me, events like that are only partially about the speakers’ they’re also about hanging out with cool people; and so far, only one person I know said they’re going, so I might end up not going (it’s a long trip, and it’s during school, so it’s not an ideal time for me to be traveling halfway across the country)

  6. says

    Hi, PZ. I quite enjoy your blog, but am de-lurking right now to point out that not all women have a vagina. Or a uterus. Patriarchal religion isn’t too keen on trans people or gender non-conforming people, either. All female identifying people are hurt by religion’s anti-woman rhetoric, not just the ones with vaginas.

  7. Moggie says

    Jadehawk, you would be the cool people for other people! But yeah, I understand the social anxiety thing.

  8. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    Wimminz speak, I don’t listen.

    Thanks for showing in five words that you’re an asshole who should be ignored.

  9. sanshajohnson says

    I’d love to attend this but airfare is prohibitive from Australia. Would be great to see a move to providing web access. I’d be happy to pay a decent amount to be able to access these sort of programs (still cheaper than flying to America!)