1. ManOutOfTime says

    Which makes me realize that’s a better “hang in there” image than those kitsch posters with a car or a chimp.

  2. says

    There’s an awesome movie (I’m forgetting it’s name, now) about life in a pasture or meadow – something like that – which has this awesome scene where it starts raining hard and you see all the bugs getting slammed around by these giant car-sized globs of water… It’s not one of the Attenborough films, I don’t think, but it’s comparably good.

  3. Dick the Damned says

    Marcus, i saw that too. The dragonfly was described as the ruthless killer of all insects that got in its way. It was very good natural history, as you say, on a par with DA.

    That’s why i tried to make a joke of it throttling a stick insect.

  4. says

    It eats to live: why should it have sympathy for its mosquito meals?

    Especially, why should we?

    Not that the mosquito “should” have sympathy for us, either, but even parasites likely view their own parasites as loathsome (at least reasonably smart ones, like vampire bats).

    Glen Davidson

  5. says

    Well aright. Sun-showers are the only way Im aware of to get this shot. I’m amazed/skeptical that the rain was so dense. Personally I would have staged this on a sunny day with a sprinkler ;)