1. Otrame says

    I have chromatophore envy.

    Maybe. But at least you have this sniny new internet. *hands over*

  2. pHred says

    Big, big eyes and a bright, captivating color?

    Are you sure that is “angry” ? Color displays are often used for attracting mates. Perhaps the squid though that the camera was sexy ?

    Or camera-person, though that seems unlikely.

  3. says

    Getting all hot-blooded…well, at room temperature.

    I’m watching you, and everything else in my almost 360 vision–how does it feel to have your peripheral vision occluded by blood vessels, spiny?

    Glen Davidson

  4. Gregory Greenwood says

    That isn’t anger, that is Cthulhu coldly assessing your nutritional value through the eyes of its tentacled minion.

  5. Diego says

    I rescued a squid today who looked very much like the one in PZ’s photo (complete to the “eye shadow”). I was out racing in a friend’s sailboat when my girlfriend said, “what’s that thing with the eye balls?”. I looked forward and saw a squid on the leeward deck. I went over and picked it up. It responded by flashing small red dots with the chromatophores on its dorsal side. I quickly showed it to my girlfriend and then tossed him over the side, hoping it would recovery from its ill-advised boarding attempt.