Episode CCXXXVII: Belatedly Anti-Caturday

It’s been one of those days. I gave my talk at #ssa2011, and unfortunately…my flash drive turned out to be unreadable on all of the machines there, so I had to do it without any visual aids. I ended up at several points waving at a blank screen and asking everyone to imagine what was up there. Oh well.

Now here, something much more interesting than any ol’ cat; charming friendly cooperative vampire bats.

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  1. David Marjanović says

    Prettiest pile of pure pwnage I’ve seen in years! It’s on the Hedges/Harris thread. Jadehawk, you can come back there :-)

    If I ate hamburger 5-days thawed, I’d never be able to leave the bathroom. You just can’t cook it dead enough to get past that.

    Different people are differently sensitive.

    Aha! Say no more.
    At least Zwicky just told me I’d done something stupid, and would I kindly take my pseudonym elsewhere.

    Oh no, not Zwicky. Somebody who doesn’t work on English.

    Mister and I only have three days a week together. He gets home late Sunday night, but is usually ready to sleep within an hour and he has to be in bed by 10 pm Wednesday so he can head back to work by 5:30 am Thursday morning.

    :-( :-( :-(

    Me too. I actually discovered that as a kid and used that knowledge to avoid having nightmares. I had a mental list of all the things I didn’t want to dream about (monsters, burglars, falling off a cliff, getting lost, drowning, and other recurring themes in my nightmares). Every night I would go through all of those things, one by one, before falling asleep. And it worked.

    I feel so stupid. :-)

    I bought two new sets of shoes the other day for Autumn. I should go check if they have heels.


    I don’t want any heel but I need arch support

    I have such shoes now, simply because they were the only ones that were about wide enough in front and weren’t outrageously expensive. They’re marketed as having “negative heels”.

    The sole is thin and hard. Walking reasonable lengths in those shoes hurts, and to run I basically have to assume a digitigrade posture, taking my heels off the ground and running on the toes alone.

    As I understand it, all food should be presumed to have C. botulinum that just hasn’t grown enough to cause a problem yet.

    Isn’t it strictly anaerobic, so it basically doesn’t occur in any place that has any air in it?

    More “jar” or “jug”, IIRC – and this time I checked :-S

    :-) :-) :-)

    Colorful or slang (what we think of as ‘vulgar’) terms replaced traditional ones — testa meaning ‘jar’ replaced caput for ‘head’

    You know, this trend of dysphemism was so strong it extended into German. Outside of poetry, the German word for “head” isn’t Haupt anymore, it’s Kopf, which is from Latin cuppa… that’s where English cup comes from.

    Haupt- has survived as a prefix that means “main”. Similarly, caput has survived in Romance languages in abstract meanings, Italian capo and French chef both meaning “boss”.

    Latin as a Nosferatic Language

    :-D :-D :-D

    It’s funny because it’s true! :-)

    Of course, on the Great Lakes, even palm gets the trap a sound. Palmerston = Pammerston.

    …Yes, but that’s another phenomenon: the vowels stay distinct, while the entire vowel system is rotated.

    Aaw, you are so sweet. *hugs right back*

    Seconded :-)

    Kindle in german literally means to make/become pregnant. Its root words in old norse are far older than Shakespeare.

    …Old Norse, as… opposed to German. There’s no such word in German, unless you count Kind “child”.

    (No idea where the l in child comes from. There are languages where that’s a regular sound shift, but English isn’t one of them.)

    [I don’t mind being eaten last]

    You misunderstand.

    (Possibly better image quality, but worse arrangement of panels, followed by a transcript, here.)

    The plan is to buy every season of every [Star Trek] series *drools*

    That’s what Sister 1 is doing, except I don’t know if she’s getting all of TNG, because she despises Cpt. Jean-Louc Picarde.

    Oh yeah, and on the wiki: Dude, if you’re gonna suck PZ’s dick, homo up and suck PZ’s dick. Stop doing it by proxy, it’s weak.

    ROTFL!!! :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

    Noooooo, because of hir nym! Xe was posting as “???????????”!


    Only if you were for some reason set against making me blush and sparkle and smile broadly :)

    Good. As long as you’re not a vampire…

    I will be unless financial aid or housing falls through (*shudder*), and yes, you should. That would be totally awesome.

    Great, I’ll try.

    Some of the most amazing carvings I have seen are done in mammoth tusk.
    Is it fossilized, or is it actual bone?

    Fossil teeth are actual teeth, and the same holds for bones. All that happens is that, over time, the content of organic material diminishes, the content of fluorine increases*, the mineral recrystallizes so you end up with fewer and larger microscopic crystals (in many cases), and eventually minerals from the groundwater may precipitate in the hollow spaces.

    * Or rather, when it doesn’t, the stuff becomes soft and crumbles after 100,000 years. Mammoths aren’t that old in the first place.

    How to turn the GOP into a party of liberals.

    Not bad.

    Thou shalt use an external text editor.

    …if thou wantest thy blockquotes to be closed after their first empty line.

    My favorite example of homonyms is shaft “handle of a tool” and shaft “vertical hole in the ground”. In German, the former is Schaft, the latter is Schacht;

    This is only spoiled by the Stiefelschaft, which is, well, a hole with leather around ;)

    Not when seen from the outside. :-)

    “Tool” was too restrictive.

    lower forms of life


    Hm, I hadn’t thought of it before, but I like his comment about teachers being able to use it – I’ll be able to point my students towards some of the science posts without worrying about them stumbling across my more epithet-laced rants…


    I am currently using Movable Type.
    Will I hafta get one of them there goggleaccount thingys?

    What? Why? freethoughtblogs.com isn’t affiliated to Google.

    “A PZ divided against himself cannot stand!”


    Deep rifts!

    I have a favorite new Thai Restaurant

    It takes a bit of time for searching, but I always find something very, very tasty in Thai restaurants :-9

    Singular they for the motherfuckin’ win.


    I bet they use the masculine by default in all other languages that mark gender in pronouns. Facebook does…

    There’s a Facebook page for a National Day of Debauchery and Gluttony to counteract Perry’s Day of Prayer and Fasting. I’m so there!


    Well, I am eating well today.

    hold the ****ing up to your ****mouth

    Interesting how microphone is such a taboo word that it’s not even represented by asterisks. ;-)

    And yes, tons of people are too stupid to notice they’re not talking into the microphone. *snarl*

    The top 5% keep their tax cuts. The rest of us make a ‘shared sacrifice.’

    Grover Norquist is happy. Need I say more?

    How many desks shall I sacrifice?